What you must have in your First Aid Kit

When you travel into Africa you should always have a well-kitted first aid kit. Apart from special medication needs like chronic medicines for adults and paediatric medicines for children there are a few basic things that should be in every first aid kit. If you already have a first aid kit for travelling, don’t forget that medicines have a limited shelflife. Check the ‘use by’ date on each pack, and, if necessary ask your pharmacist for advice to ensure the contents of your kit remain effective and safe to use. Continue reading What you must have in your First Aid Kit

How to secure sufficient electrical power on a trip

The days when you could go off into the bush to ‘get away from it all’ are long gone. The modern traveller simply cannot go camping without having electricity to power all the electrical equipment that we need to stay in touch and camp comfortably.

Your most important needs for electrical power on a camping expedition will be to charge your cell phone, laptop, camera equipment and fridge/freezer. If you are going on an extended trip or plan on doing regular camping trips you would be wise to have a few USB ports, preferably 2.1 Amp capacity, installed in your vehicle for charging equipment while you drive. Continue reading How to secure sufficient electrical power on a trip

About travelling Kaokoland

Kaokoland is a beautifully remote and wild area that deserves respect. Be an eco-traveller and do not cause track pollution; stay on the beaten tracks or roads and do not disturb any plants, especially the Welwitschia. This region lies in the extreme north-western corner of Namibia and is bordered in the north by the Kunene River and in the west by the Atlantic Ocean and the Skeleton Coast National Park. The landscapes of Kaokoland range between sweeping plains, rugged mountains and dry riverbeds seamed with lush riparian bush. Continue reading About travelling Kaokoland