Ethiopia’s spectacular caves and an ancient city

We awoke at minus two degrees, camped at over 4000m in the quarry on the Sanetti Plateau, freezing, with the wind chill factor making it worse. Mist was coming in as we cooked up coffee and a hasty breakfast, breaking up camp as quickly as possible. Everything was wet and grimy, the steel awning poles draining most of the heat from our hands, the remainder going when we had to wash off the filth. However, with sleet falling, we knew it would have been much worse had it rained. Continue reading Ethiopia’s spectacular caves and an ancient city

Guide app testing in the Southern Cape

A couple of weeks ago I took our new Tracks4Africa Guide app out for some field testing.  I was driving back from George in the Southern Cape and decided to ditch the national highway in favour of some back roads.  I specifically wanted to drive in an area that I do not know very well and I also did not want to use the normal GPS for the task of finding my way. Continue reading Guide app testing in the Southern Cape

Beautiful, amazing Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a chaotic, colourful and picturesque country. It is extraordinary. The Amharic language is unique, they calculate time in units of 12 hours with their day starting at 6:00 in the morning, and follow their unique Julian calendar, which consists of twelve months of thirty days each and a thirteenth month of five days (six days in leap year). Their calendar is seven years and eight months behind the Western (Gregorian) calendar.

The landscape is astoundingly beautiful and the people are interesting, with many different tribes and a rich culture. The countryside has an old-world charm; in short rural Ethiopia looks like a movie set for a film that plays off a hundred years ago. Continue reading Beautiful, amazing Ethiopia