How to submit your trip data to T4A

By Lizette Swart

Tracks4Africa is renowned for the reliability of our maps, especially off the beaten tracks, and people specifically marvel at the accuracy of the estimated travel times indicated on the maps. The T4A maps are compiled from GPS data submitted by the T4A community of travellers; people like you!

Travellers record their travel experiences and send it to T4A to process it in order to create a highly reliable GPS map which is also used on the T4A apps.  Without your contributions, we cannot keep our maps up to date with the latest developments with regards to roads, travel times, points of interest, etc. Continue reading How to submit your trip data to T4A

Don’t forget the good old paper map

I simply cannot travel without a good paper map! I like the feel of a paper map and I also need it to orientate myself to ‘the bigger picture’. Modern day travellers cannot imagine themselves overlanding without electronic devices like GPSs, smartphones or tablets/iPads. True, these are invaluable, but the reality is that they can fail you. Therefore you should always travel with paper maps too.

An electronic device with a built-in GPS and a good map or app can indicate your position to within 5m or navigate you to your destination. However, such a device may give you tunnel vision as you usually look at a small screen zoomed in to see detailed information. Also, the device can let you down when it loses satellite signal or its power fails. Continue reading Don’t forget the good old paper map

Discover the best of Madagascar

By Ian-Ray Nel (photos sourced from the internet)

Despite the isolation of this Indian Ocean island, also known as the Great Red Island, Madagascar is definitely worth a visit. The numerous sights and activities are dwarfed by Madagascar’s natural beauty and cultural history. The Tracks4Africa map of Madagascar was updated significantly last year and all the places mentioned below feature on the map, plus many more points of interest… Continue reading Discover the best of Madagascar