How to plan a route on the T4A Navigator App

People who have been using the Tracks4Africa Traveller’s Maps on their GPS’s for navigation, often expect to have the exact same experience when they use the Tracks4Africa Navigator App on their electronic devices. Reality is that, although the App makes use of the Tracks4Africa map data, trusted by thousands of overland travellers over the past decade, it is a different platform and therefore you will have a different experience.

Devices like smart phones, iPads and Tablets are becoming increasingly more popular as navigational devices since most of them have built-in GPS’s nowadays. If you don’t own a GPS you may rightly ask yourself why you should not opt for using your phone for navigation. See our blog article about the comparison between smart phones and GPS’s as navigational devices.

The Tracks4Africa Navigator is an offline app, available on both Android and Apple devices and was recently updated.  Note that these are stand-alone navigation systems and that you cannot send routes and tracks between your computer and these platforms, like you can between Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp on your computer and your Garmin GPS.

However, you can plan and save your route on this App to see the distance and travel time.

How to plan a route, using the ‘New Route’ option on the main menu.

How to plan a route, using the ‘Multipoint Route’ option.

The App is designed to work without an internet connection and includes rich content about accommodation options, fuel stops, auto services, shops, ATM’s, attractions, activities, national parks and other protected areas as well as emergency services. It covers the whole of Africa, especially remote areas in classic overland destinations and Points of Interest that are specifically useful to self-drive tourists.

Hotel detail

Cango Caves

Keep in mind that the prolonged use of your device’s GPS and screen will quickly drain your battery, therefore you need to provide it with external power when you use it for navigation.

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