When you travel, the ability to navigate is essential. Through centuries navigation evolved from using a compass to travelling with paper maps. In the technological era we also use equipment like GPS’s, smart phones and tablets or iPads to navigate. To this day some people still prefer using compasses and paper maps to navigate; at least you can rest assured that they will not run out of battery power or have technical failures!

In this section we shall have a look at the following topics:

  • What is overland navigation?
  • A GPS for overland navigation with T4A maps.
  • Preparing your equipment for the road.
  • Making the best use of your GPS while on the road.
  • Planning your route with BaseCamp and/or MapSource.
  • Tracks logging.
  • Trip reporting with BaseCamp and/or MapSource.
  • Share your experience.
  • Navigating using a paper map.
  • Smart phones and tables as navigation devices.
  • How to use Tracks4Africa on your Garmin GPS.
  • Update your GPS software.
  • Installing BaseCamp and MapSource.
  • Technical tips.

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