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On this page we would like to share with you all kinds of general travel tips that will enrich your overland travel experience, either by making life easier for you or making your trip more interesting. On this page we shall cover subjects like:

  •  Camping etiquette
  • Safety rule number one: be informed
  • Beware of group travel
  • Always carry with you
  • Safety issues when travelling remote areas
  • Personal safety when travelling in Africa
  • Insurance
  • Be careful when you drive through long, dry grass
  • Be aware of wild animals
  • Taking photographs of people
  • Advice on renting a 4×4 with camping equipment
  • Advice on driving in Africa
  • How to book National Parks in Botswana
  • Fairy circles in Namibia
  • Travelling Kaokoland

14 thoughts on “Travel tips”

  1. Can you please suggest a good GPS?
    system with roadmap that is useful in remote areas of Namibia
    Thanks you and thanks for a great outdoor series.

  2. Hi there, We will be travelling to Botswana on a 4x 4 trip and would like to know what the restrictions at the Parrs’ Halt border is as far as taking fresh vegetables and fruit with us. We are aware of the restrictions on their website – but friends told us you are not allowed ANY of these products.

    1. Ronel, Botswana does have strict import restrictions. You have to declare all plants and plant products as well as animals and animal products when you enter the country. The regulations on importing meat, meat products, fruit and vegetables change frequently because they are based on disease outbreaks in the region. You can phone the office of the Chief Plant Protection Officer on +267 392 8745/6 for the latest update on fruit and vegetables and the Director of Veterinary Services on +267 368 9000 for the latest update on meat and meat products.

      1. Hoe is THE situation now? We go by the border Dobe.
        Can we breng in to Botswana meat, milk, eggs,vegetables and fruit?

        1. Hallo Dory, normally one can bring meat, milk and eggs into Botswana, but it depends on the current situation on the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in cattle, and avian flu in chickens. It would be better to contact Dr. Letlhogile Modisa, Director of Veterinary Services at Tel: +267 368 9000/9505 or email:, and try to determine the latest situation before your travels. Most fruits and vegetables may no longer be brought into Botswana in order to prevent the spread of fruit fly, and it will be best to shop in Botswana. Gumare has a large, well-stocked Shoprite, and there is a Choppies in Shakawe that usually has fresh fruit and vegetables. Meat is also much cheaper in Botswana than in Namibia and South Africa, and most is of good quality.

          1. Thank you very much for this information.

            Another question: can we drive with our 4×4 car from Savute to Linyanti?
            Is the road very bad? I saw that there was some rainfall.
            Kind regards, Dory

          2. You will definitely need a 4×4 vehicle to travel from Savute to Linyanti, there is a lot of deep sand along the way, and you should deflate your tyres as well. If you are not experienced off-road travellers, it is not an easy road, and it is easy to get stuck in the sand. Generally that track will only get water nearby the Savute Channel, and closer to Linyanti should the Linyanti river be flooding, but as the track is mainly sand, rainfall in the area should not affect the track. It will be best to speak to the staff at Savute camp before departure, to establish the condition of the road closer to the time – conditions change during the different seasons.

          3. Thank you very much. We drive ended in a 4×4 car and we have experience. We will inform when we are at Savute.

  3. Sorry I don’t know of this is the right place for this question : somebody knows if is possible to enter in Namibia ( for a short time) with an italian car just with a TIP (temporary import permission).
    Thank you

      1. Hi Karin,
        I found this Internet site, in wich :
        ” Carnet de Passage : only compulsory if the vehicle is being shipped to Namibia ..etc.
        Permit : Allowed up to three months..etc..”
        Please let me know your opinion.
        Thank you

        1. Gian, I have checked with the Tracks4Africa Forum and our members confirmed that you do need a Carnet for Namibia, if your vehicle is registered outside the Southern Africa Common Customs Area. The Carnet must be renewed every year. Hope it helps.

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