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Ten reasons to visit Ethiopia

During our seven month overland journey from Cape Town to Ethiopia in 2015 I discovered that this must be one of the most varied, interesting and unique countries in Africa, with awe-inspiring scenery! There are at least ten reasons why you should put this extraordinary country on your bucket list. By Karin Theron

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West of Lake Turkana

As we headed south from Omorate to Kenya, it was difficult to comprehend the immense difference in landscape that we had driven through in the last two days. From the lush, cultivated, wet and cool mountainous western highlands of Ethiopia to its dry Omo Valley and now flat and dry land as we skirted Lake Turkana. By Karin Theron Continue reading West of Lake Turkana

Heading for south-west Ethiopia

After getting seriously stuck in the mud twice, we headed up the valley again, retracing our tracks because the road was washed away. We soon reached two flattish but very muddy sections, the first of which we traversed with no trouble. The second was however about 40 metres long, slightly uphill, with deep, muddy pools filling old vehicle tracks. By Karin Theron Continue reading Heading for south-west Ethiopia