Ebola and what it entails for travellers

Having a hand held device pointed at you by a border official (who normally aren’t the most friendly or helpful specimens) can be a scary experience.  Since the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in 2014 all travellers must have their temperature taken at border crossings and at airports in an attempt to detect possible infection and prevent the spread of the virus. Continue reading Ebola and what it entails for travellers

Bathroom trivialities when you camp

How to deal with the call of nature at night

When you have to go you have to go, but what do you do when you hear the lions roar outside your tent? Even if you don’t hear any lions you should never venture outside your tent at night when you know you are in lion country.

The funny thing about lion is that they don’t seem to realise that your tent is just a few threads thick.  As long as your tent is fully zipped up you will be safe because lions see your tent as an impenetrable barrier. A few years ago a camper in the Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe left his feet sticking out of his tent because it was unbearably hot. He got drawn out of his tent and was devoured by a lion! Continue reading Bathroom trivialities when you camp