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Top African destinations for your 2017 bucket list

Africa is a continent rich in diversity, with a lot to offer. Each country has its own unique beauty and cultures and if you really want to explore the continent, you will need a few months. However, if you have to pick just one or two places to visit in 2017, make sure that one of the following are on your bucket list for the year! Continue reading Top African destinations for your 2017 bucket list

How to survive group overlanding

Some people prefer to overland as part of a group, either because they feel safer when travelling in remote areas or because they enjoy the company of others. It can be fun and very comforting to travel in a group but if it doesn’t work out it can become extremely unpleasant and ruin even long-standing friendships. There are many stories of people who started out a trip together but then split up along the way.

How do you prevent that from happening? Jan Joubert was a well-respected name in overlanding circles in South Africa and was a real pioneer in marking the 4×4 trails of Namibia. He was also one of the early contributors to Tracks4Africa. Sadly he was tragically killed in 2006 on one of his excursions into Kaokoland.

Jan had led many African overland trips and as a tour leader he had experience in group dynamics that he wanted to share , together with his other knowledge, in a book that would serve as a bible for overlanders.

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