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From the Transkei to KwaZulu-Natal

Still in the Transkei

White Clay close to Coffee Bay is a small establishment with self-catering chalets, a bar and restaurant as well as camping facilities. Whilst it had rained, with more threatening, the ground wasn’t sodden and we much preferred the airy and cool camping option to the claustrophobic confines of walls and a roof. Again we were spoilt with our own ablution facilities and hot water. Continue reading From the Transkei to KwaZulu-Natal

Setting off to the Transkei

April fool’s day 2015 saw us bowling over Sir Lowry’s Pass in bright sunshine bound for Victoria Bay, perhaps a few hours behind schedule, but at least leaving as planned months earlier, on the right day! We were ecstatic to be escaping the maelstrom of civilisation. Well, more or less escaping, if driving into the south and east coast Easter holiday rush could ever amount to that. The first few weeks of April we knew were bound to be busy and so we had booked ahead as we headed towards Mozambique. Continue reading Setting off to the Transkei