Small but beautiful Rwanda

Thus far we had made a point of using minor border posts and our entry to Rwanda was no exception. The Cyanika border (on T4A indicated as Cyuve border) is indeed minor, so much so that all business for both Ugandan and Rwandan immigration is transacted out of one office, even issuing visas. Continue reading Small but beautiful Rwanda

Southern Uganda

Uganda might be the world’s biggest producer of plantains, but it certainly is no banana republic. Being a fertile country it exports coffee, tea, tobacco and cotton. I will remember Uganda for its acres of crisp green tea plantations and everywhere you look, banana plantations, with coffee bushes in between. However, what made Uganda really special for me were the tea plantations, crater lakes, the White Nile River, and the wide variety of primates. Continue reading Southern Uganda

Discovering fertile Uganda

Entering Uganda from Kenya at the minor border crossing at Suam, we were again reminded of the immediate differences one notices on entering a new country. In this case it was the language; English being almost universally spoken here. We were now greeted with friendly, smiling little faces calling us Muzungu. Continue reading Discovering fertile Uganda