Keep protected areas special!

If you aren’t a regular visitor to remote parks, you may be unsure what to expect and how to behave. Are you allowed to make your own firewood, how do you dispose of your garbage, what do you do in case of an emergency and what about those marauding monkeys?

The national parks definitely are some of the most valuable natural assets of the southern African region. Few travellers visit this area without including at least one of these protected areas on their itinerary. To preserve them for posterity, it is vital that all visitors adhere to some basic rules. Continue reading Keep protected areas special!

Be informed if you venture off the beaten track!   

The late afternoon sun transforms the dry landscape into a soft golden twilight glow while the heat of the day subsides. Everybody is weary after a long day’s travel and looking forward to setting up camp. You cross a dry riverbed which offers the ideal spot for wildcamping…

This scenario sounds absolutely idyllic, but if you travel Africa informed, you would have realised that it is the rainy season and that your whole camp could get washed away in a flash flood. Continue reading Be informed if you venture off the beaten track!