Providing sufficient water while you overland

When out in remote areas on an overland trip having sufficient safe water is one of your most basic needs. Far more important even than finding the right overnight spot or getting fuel, as your survival and health depend on it.

While you are on the road, finding clean water it is not as simple as walking over to the kitchen tap. You have to be conscious of your water supply and continuously plan to have enough clean water for your family’s needs.

If you get into really remote areas like the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana, Kaokoland in Namibia or Lake Turkana in Kenya, you might have to supply your own water for drinking, cooking and washing for days.  Continue reading Providing sufficient water while you overland

Angola… an acquired taste

For many years Angola was reasonably inaccessible to self-drive overlanders, mainly because of the civil war and its residual landmines combined with an officialdom that was not tourist friendly. However, the few travellers who dared to visit this former Portuguese colony during the past decade or so absolutely loved the country for its scenic diversity and fishing opportunities. In recent years Angola has become a popular destination for self-drivers with a taste for the unusual…

Few people feel comfortable overlanding Angola on their own but rather join organised self-drive group tours, like those organised by Voetspore.  Some travellers will find the lack of tourism infrastructure off-putting, but others like the fact that you can still safely wild camp in Angola as well as its isolation and wide open spaces.  Indeed Angola has a lot to offer the adventurous independent overlander who is looking for a rewarding challenge.

Approaching the Atlantic Ocean through the Namibe Nature Reserve. (Photo: Stan Weakly)

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10 Questions most frequently posed to T4A

Which GPS units are compatible with Tracks4Africa GPS Maps?

The Tracks4Africa GPS maps are only compatible to Garmin GPS’s.

Other than very old devices, most Garmin GPS’s are compatible with T4A maps. The Garmin Edge 820 is, however, an example of a device that is incompatible; if your try to load the T4A GPS Maps onto the device’s internal memory, the T4A GPS Map might wipe the Topo Map that is pre-loaded on the GPS. Continue reading 10 Questions most frequently posed to T4A