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The Magic of Cape Maclear  

Cape Maclear (called Chembe in the local tongue) is probably Malawi’s most renowned tourist destination. Here lodges and campsites line the shore of Lake Malawi, interspersed with local dwellings and fishing enclaves.

Cape Maclear is blessed with breathtaking sunsets over Lake Malawi, clear water with brightly coloured tropical fish and a rich village life.  As it is facing northwest it is protected against the fierce winds that sometimes rise on the lake and carry dreadful swarms of lake flies. Continue reading The Magic of Cape Maclear  

About travelling Kaokoland

Kaokoland is a beautifully remote and wild area that deserves respect. Be an eco-traveller and do not cause track pollution; stay on the beaten tracks or roads and do not disturb any plants, especially the Welwitschia. This region lies in the extreme north-western corner of Namibia and is bordered in the north by the Kunene River and in the west by the Atlantic Ocean and the Skeleton Coast National Park. The landscapes of Kaokoland range between sweeping plains, rugged mountains and dry riverbeds seamed with lush riparian bush. Continue reading About travelling Kaokoland

Kafue National Park offers a true wild Africa experience

It dawned on me why I love travelling in Africa so much while I sat on the deck at Mukambi Safari Lodge, enjoying another awe-inspiring sunset over the Kafue River. The sky was painted hues of pink and orange while the soft ripples flowing past soothed my soul. What better place than wild Africa to satisfy the human need to be in touch with the five elements: earth, water, fire, wind and sky?

Continue reading Kafue National Park offers a true wild Africa experience