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Tents: canvas or nylon?

You have decided to go camping; so the first thing you need to equip yourself with is a good tent. But this is not an easy venture as, apart from the variety of brands that complicate your choice, you also have to choose between canvas or nylon.

According to a recent discussion on the 4×4 Community Forum there are pros and cons to both types of tents. Your needs and your budget will mostly determine which is ideal for you. Continue reading Tents: canvas or nylon?

8 essential add-ons for overlanding

If you plan on doing some overlanding, there are essential things that you should add to your vehicle to ensure that you are self-sufficient and enjoy your travelling.

Water tank

Water tanks make it possible to get rid of the scores of bottles and containers you would otherwise have carried for extended expeditions or areas where the tap water is not reliable. They also make it possible to carry more water for longer distances between replenishment stops. Continue reading 8 essential add-ons for overlanding

How to secure sufficient electrical power on a trip

The days when you could go off into the bush to ‘get away from it all’ are long gone. The modern traveller simply cannot go camping without having electricity to power all the electrical equipment that we need to stay in touch and camp comfortably.

Your most important needs for electrical power on a camping expedition will be to charge your cell phone, laptop, camera equipment and fridge/freezer. If you are going on an extended trip or plan on doing regular camping trips you would be wise to have a few USB ports, preferably 2.1 Amp capacity, installed in your vehicle for charging equipment while you drive. Continue reading How to secure sufficient electrical power on a trip