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Keep your cool on any camping trip

While overlanding is undoubtedly the best way of getting off the beaten track, the many perks of secluded travel and off-the-grid living, come with a downside – nice ice, baby. Just ask anyone who’s suffered through a warm beer on a trip to the Kgalagadi. MELANIE VAN ZYL unearthed the latest and greatest gadgets for keeping things cool on any self-drive trip through Africa.

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T4A celebrates four days of Black Friday deals

This year, Tracks4Africa brings you great Black Friday specials for much more than just 24 hours. Spoil yourself this holiday season with the very best in Africa navigation products until Monday, 27 November at midnight. Yes, at Tracks4Africa it’s Black Friday UNTIL Monday.

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Shelter while overlanding

By Peter Barber

Your peaceful morning game drive in the cool of the new day was idyllic and your party returns to camp, anticipating their delicious breakfast. By the time that’s over the day warms up and before long you are into another scorcher!

This is the typical pattern for overland travellers in Africa, and on our return from our overland trip to Ethiopia the neighbouring countries of Zambia and Namibia reminded us just how much hotter it can be in Southern Africa than in East Africa. In fact, apart from the our visit to the Danakil Depression, which has the highest average temperatures year round on Earth, nothing compared to the heat in the Caprivi Strip, where even the most sun loving traveller was hunting for shade.

When you camp you are exposed to the elements and the longer your overland trip, the more important it is that you prepare well for shelter. Shade is not the only kind of shelter that an overlander needs. For those who frequently move onwards, shelter must be quick to erect and flexible enough to handle sun, wind and rain. It should cover the cooking, seating and eating area. Continue reading Shelter while overlanding