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10 Reasons to visit Zambia

If you want to do some exciting overlanding, Zambia provides an excellent option to get a real taste of Africa.  The country has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, scenic back roads, interesting places to visit, exciting activities, variety in accommodation options and on top of it all, friendly people!

There are at least 10 reasons why you should visit Zambia: Continue reading 10 Reasons to visit Zambia

10 Things to do in Southern Namibia

Namibia is a big country with vast open spaces and to properly tour the country you need many weeks. However, for travellers who have little time available it is possible to experience some of the beauty of this extraordinary country by exploring the south in about fourteen days.

Seasoned travellers describe Namibia as ‘Africa Lite’ because it is an easy country to tour; the road network and infrastructure are good and the people friendly and efficient. Combine this with the unique beauty of the stark landscape and you have the ideal holiday destination. An added bonus is that most of Namibia is malaria free. Continue reading 10 Things to do in Southern Namibia