Preparing your sedan or SUV


If you are going to travel in a sedan car, SUV or a 4×2 pick-up you are most likely not going to venture into rough or remote terrain but will stick to the main roads. This may lead you to think that you do not need to prepare for every eventuality. This may be true, but we urge you to at least consider the following aspects.

Make sure you have a proper spare tyre, not one of the narrow types many vehicles are kitted out with nowadays. Make sure all your tyres are in good condition. Remember that the mileage on your tyres is not necessarily a prediction of their fitness to travel gravel roads. Bear in mind that tyres have a limited shelf life of about five to six years, irrespective of their mileage.

Ensure that your vehicle’s service schedule is up to date before your leave. If you tow a trailer, make sure that its tyres are also in good condition, that you have a spare wheel and that the trailer has been serviced as well.

Always have a container of at least 20 ℓ of drinking water and some dry food rations with you, in case of emergency.

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