Slingsby Maps join the Tracks4Africa stable

For decades, maps by Peter and Maggie Slingsby have formed part of any self-respecting adventurer’s arsenal. With the cartographers finally putting away their compasses, Tracks4Africa has purchased Slingsby Maps.

It’s been more than five decades since Peter Slingsby drew his first commercial map. In the years since, Slingsby Maps have become synonymous with exploring South Africa’s great outdoors. Hikers, mountain bikers and other adventurers know they can depend on the accuracy of a map by the Slingsbys.

But Peter and his fellow cartographer, wife Maggie, are in their mid-70s – the time has come to lay down their rulers. Map lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can rest easy, though, because Tracks4Africa has taken over Slingsby Maps.

A shared outlook

It made sense for us to enhance our offering with Peter and Maggie’s highly respected maps because we share an outlook. Just like every track on our maps is based on actual overlander data, so every hiking path on a Slingsby map has been walked.

We continuously research and update Tracks4Africa maps to ensure travellers have the most accurate information to hand. The Slingsbys revised their maps regularly too. We think about the practicalities of use out in the field, publishing durable, waterproof paper maps and downloadable GPS maps. Slingsby Maps are available in digital format as well as paper – waterproof, of course.

“Slingsby Maps and Tracks4Africa share a common approach when it comes to the production of accurate, high-quality maps. We have every faith that in future our maps will be in the very safest hands we could find,” said Peter about the change.

Where to shop

Travellers can find Slingsby Maps on the Tracks4Africa online shop. Simply click on the Shop drop-down menu to select Slingsby Maps. Both paper and digital maps are available.

Tracks4Africa would like to pay tribute to Peter and Maggie for their mapping work which has enabled so many people to enjoy South Africa’s natural riches.

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