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Best routes in Namibia: Vioolsdrift to Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is one of Namibia’s must-see destinations and from the Vioolsdrift border post you could get there in a day’s drive. But that would mean speeding through some of Namibia’s most beautiful landscapes, which are especially spectacular in the early morning and late afternoon light. Text and pictures by Chris Davies

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10 Things to do in Southern Namibia

Namibia is a big country with vast open spaces and to properly tour the country you need many weeks. However, for travellers who have little time available it is possible to experience some of the beauty of this extraordinary country by exploring the south in about fourteen days.

Seasoned travellers describe Namibia as ‘Africa Lite’ because it is an easy country to tour; the road network and infrastructure are good and the people friendly and efficient. Combine this with the unique beauty of the stark landscape and you have the ideal holiday destination. An added bonus is that most of Namibia is malaria free. Continue reading 10 Things to do in Southern Namibia

Top trek: Fish River Canyon

Most sources cite the Fish River Canyon as the second largest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon in America. It certainly is one of Africa’s great natural wonders and the iconic five-day hike is rated among the top treks in the world.

If you follow the river diligently, the route is about 90km but thanks to some scenic shortcuts we hiked 75,5km in total. Officially the distance is covered over five days and four nights but we spent five nights in the canyon as we preferred to start the initial steep descent at midday. It is a tough hike as you have to carry everything that you will need to survive for five days (apart from water) and although the terrain is not technical, thick sand, boulder hopping and exposure to the elements make it quite challenging.

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