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Top trek: Fish River Canyon

Most sources cite the Fish River Canyon as the second largest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon in America. It certainly is one of Africa’s great natural wonders and the iconic five-day hike is rated among the top treks in the world.

If you follow the river diligently, the route is about 90km but thanks to some scenic shortcuts we hiked 75,5km in total. Officially the distance is covered over five days and four nights but we spent five nights in the canyon as we preferred to start the initial steep descent at midday. It is a tough hike as you have to carry everything that you will need to survive for five days (apart from water) and although the terrain is not technical, thick sand, boulder hopping and exposure to the elements make it quite challenging.

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Namibia and back home

We entered Namibia at Katima Mulilo and it was noticeable how many overland vehicles there were; far more than what we had seen in any other country. Indeed the further north we were, the fewer we saw; in Ethiopia not a single one!

We camped for three nights at Namwi Lodge on the bank of a side stream of the Zambezi River.  The 40 plus degrees Celsius was almost unbearable, but for the swimming pool and silver reflector awning that Pete rigged up. Thanks to that I managed to get some computer work done while he temporarily repaired a small leak in our long range fuel tank, also discovering that the rear right air suspension was irreparably smashed. By Karin Theron Continue reading Namibia and back home