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10 Reasons to visit Zambia

If you want to do some exciting overlanding, Zambia provides an excellent option to get a real taste of Africa.  The country has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, scenic back roads, interesting places to visit, exciting activities, variety in accommodation options and on top of it all, friendly people! By Karin Theron

There are at least 10 reasons why you should visit Zambia: Continue reading 10 Reasons to visit Zambia

Traversing Zambia

Upon entering Zambia at Mbale from Tanzania we both felt disappointed; as if our wonderful adventure was at an end. We were on familiar territory: the tar road was good, the towns boasted their Shoprites and Pep Stores and we could successfully use ATMs everywhere. Even the loud music at the informal roadside markets had a familiar African beat. This was easy travelling without any excitement, we thought. However, Zambia has proven us wrong… By Karin Theron Continue reading Traversing Zambia