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Don’t let those punctures leave you stranded

On our recent seven month, 33 000km return trip from Cape Town to Ethiopia, we punctured four rear tubeless tyres, all in the first 17 000km. On one day alone Pete had to use 20 plugs on two tyres and we arrived at our destination well after dark! Next time we go on an overland trip, we’ll go even better prepared…

From personal as well as other people’s experience we have learnt that the risk of punctures increases on gravel roads, where it seems to be a matter of (bad) luck. Various theories exist regarding the best tyre pressure to use but the bottom line is: if there is a sharp object in the path of the tread (possibly made to stand up by the passage of the front tyre or by rain) then there is a chance that it will penetrate the rear tread. No tyres are immune! Continue reading Don’t let those punctures leave you stranded