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Celebrating a baby rhino

(Text by Bradley Dennis and photos by Jody Bloomer)

 Doom and gloom usually make up the news headlines, but it is so nice to hear a ‘feel-good’ story every now and then! One such is news of the birth of a female white rhino in a breeding program which is part of the ongoing fight against the extinction of the rhino. Each rhino birth is exciting as the numbers of these icons of the African bush are under huge threat.

The baby was born in July on Samara Private Game Reserve, located in the Great Karoo region of South Africa. Samara is one of the many game reserves which participate in the conservation and protection of rhinos. She is a healthy and energetic little animal who enjoys spending her time playing in the veld, suckling her patient mother, Moyo, and ever-so-often collapsing exhausted into a heap for a well-deserved nap. Continue reading Celebrating a baby rhino