10 Adventurous things to do in Swakopmund

Swakopmund is not just about fishing and enjoying the German culture and historical architecture of the town.  There are a number of adventure activities to do around Swakopmund and especially the stretch between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay is buzzing with activities.

1. Sky diving

If you want an adrenalin rush you won’t forget you can join Ground Rush Adventures for a tandem sky dive with experienced tandem master sky divers.  After a 35 second free fall divers get to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Swakopmund and the desert while gliding down with a parachute.

Sky diving (Copy)
Frank Höppener, a Tracks4Africa data contributor, enjoying his tandem sky dive. (Photo: Ground Rush Adventures)

Frank Höppener, a Tracks4Africa data contributor, enjoying the adrenalin rush of sky diving. (Photo: Ground Rush Adventures)

 2. Camel rides

If you want to ride a camel in the desert you don’t have to go all the way to Morocco! Desert Explorers just outside Swakopmund offers camel rides for between half an hour to two hours.

Camel rides (Copy)
Camels waiting to take people out into the Namib Desert.

3. Explore the desert on four wheels

Explore the dunes of the Namib Desert on a quad bike or with your own 4WD. Desert Explorers offers guided quad bike tours that range from 45 minutes to three hours or overnight. You must be an experienced 4×4 driver if you want to go and play in the sandpit with your 4WD. Please stick to areas around Langstrand demarcated for off-road driving.

Quad biking (Copy)
There are demarcated areas near Langstrand between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay where one is allowed to drive in the dunes.


4. Sand boarding

If you don’t mind the desert sand between your teeth, you will most definitely enjoy sand boarding in the dunes. Alter Action will give you the dune ride of your life lying down or standing up. Desert Explorers also offers sand boarding.

5. Living desert tour

If you want to know more about the amazing life of the seemingly lifeless desert, join Tommy Collard on one of his Living Desert Tours. He will show you the fascinating little creatures of the Namib Desert. You are advised to book your tour in advance.  You can also try Living Desert Adventures for a tour of the desert.

Living deseret (Copy)
Discover the small creatures of the Namib Desert.

 6. Mountain biking

If you are a keen cyclist, take your mountain bike and cycle from Goanikontes Oasis Restcamp to Welwitschia Plains and enjoy beautiful views over the Moonlandscape.  Treat yourself to a nice lunch at the restaurant at Goanikontes Oasis Restcamp.  Goanikontes is about 40km east of Swakopmund.

 7. Cruise the open sea on a catamaran

If you would love to sail the sea on a catamaran, you can try Laramon Tours, Sun Sail Catamarans or Ocean Adventures. While out on your catamaran you will most probably see seals and dolphins playing around.

8. Shark fishing

Aquanaut Tours offers both shark and non-shark species shore fishing tours. While you are out on the rock you will be able to enjoy the ecosystem in the tidal pools, the bird life and some shipwrecks along the coastline.

 9. Kayaking out on the sea

Desert Explorers will take you on a scenic drive from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay and Pelican Point from where you will kayak for two hours in the sea. After all this exercise you will enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach at Pelican Point.

 10. Eating out

If you prefer gastronomic adventures Swakopmund has a lot to offer! You can enjoy German pastries and sausages all over town. When it comes to dining the Hansa Hotel is tops while the Brauhaus is for good reason extremely popular among locals and visitors alike. If you prefer pizza, go to the Secret Garden. The Jetty 1905 Restaurant has a special setting on the old jetty and excellent seafood, sushi and steaks. The restaurant was flooded by a tidal wave on 30 May 2014 but will soon be fully renovated. For the best coffee in town go to Slowtown and for breakfast or lunch in a bohemian atmosphere the Village Cafe is the best!

Village Cafe Restaurant (2) (Copy)
Enjoy the excellent food and bohemian atmosphere of the Village Café.

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