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Update from the 2018 Hwange Game Count

Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park is famous for its elephants, with tens of thousands moving through the reserve each year. 23466 were recorded in 2018’s 24-hour game count, a fascinating long-term study that wouldn’t be possible without the enormous behind-the-scenes efforts of a range of conservation groups, plus a host of dedicated volunteers. Words and photos by Chris Davies

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How we make maps

Map growth over the last couple of years
Map growth over the last couple of years

This October we are celebrating 10 years of selling GPS maps in the retail market.  We actually started with our first commercial maps back in 2005 but it was only until 2006 that we launched the first maps on a CD and then later migrated to SD card.

While designing the new cover I thought about the last decade and how things have changed.  At the heart of T4A maps is  community mapping but the technology made it possible to do so much more than what we used to ten years ago.

The basic idea

Tracks4Africa started out by sharing tracks and waypoints and from this data we later started building a map which grows organically as people travel and contribute data or comment on aspects of the maps which needs to be updated. Continue reading How we make maps