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Tips for hassle-free border crossing in Africa: Before you leave

Land borders in Africa have an ominous reputation, but they’re usually not as bad as people think. There are notable exceptions – one entry into Egypt cost me five hours and USD170 in unavoidable bribes. But those are the horror stories we tell our friends, whereas most crossings are rather dull and uneventful; just a bit of a hassle and an unwanted, but unfortunately legitimate, drain on the wallet. By Chris Davies

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Providing sufficient water while you overland

When out in remote areas on an overland trip having sufficient safe water is one of your most basic needs. Far more important even than finding the right overnight spot or getting fuel, as your survival and health depend on it.

While you are on the road, finding clean water it is not as simple as walking over to the kitchen tap. You have to be conscious of your water supply and continuously plan to have enough clean water for your family’s needs.

If you get into really remote areas like the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana, Kaokoland in Namibia or Lake Turkana in Kenya, you might have to supply your own water for drinking, cooking and washing for days.  Continue reading Providing sufficient water while you overland

To tow or not to tow

Having enough packing space is always a problem when you do an overland trip, especially if you are a comfort creature who simply cannot go camping without basic luxuries. The big question is whether to tow a trailer or not and if it will put a damper on your off-road fun.

Hardcore overlanders recently debated the pros and cons of towing a trailer on the 4×4 Community Forum and there was no clear-cut answer. It all depended on the families’ needs and how far they wanted to go off the beaten track. Continue reading To tow or not to tow