Make T4A’s Points of Interest your go-to source

There’s a very good reason why no one should travel through Africa without T4A’s expert and detailed navigation resources. The online Points of Interest (POI) section boasts a wealth of information with 159,428 listings and 36,873 pictures. By Arnold Ras

T4A’s Points of Interest, also known as waypoints, refer to points on a map that represent a lodge, hotel, guest house, campsite, restaurant, fuel stop, police station, hospital, picnic site, and many more.

Planning a trip in Africa can be a daunting task. Where to stay, what to do, directions, rates, distances, travel times, important paper work… You name it, T4A’s POI database has you covered. The number of listings grow daily, and information is updated regularly to bring travellers the best tips. Even better is that POIs cover the entire African continent, including Madagascar – all of this information freely available on the T4A website.Janine Reyneke, data research team leader at T4A, says POIs grow as travellers submit their travel data to the T4A website. “The main objective behind our POIs is, of course, information. Our maps need to tell a story: where to eat, sleep, get fuel, reach a hospital or police in case of an emergency, find attractions and much more. The content is carefully researched. Each POI also appears on our GPS maps and has an associated and dedicated webpage.”

Handy POIs like these go a long way. “Planning a route is now so much easier: by combining our GPS maps, self-drive guide books, paper maps, atlas and online POIs, preparing for your Africa getaway becomes a walk in the park. No internet? No problem! When using our GPS maps, the POIs carry contact details you can quickly access even if you don’t have internet signal. Included on our GPS maps’ SD card is an Africa guide containing a lot of info and photos.”

For travellers preferring a smartphone or device as means of navigation, both Android and IOS apps (Guide App and Navigator App) are packaged with most of T4A’s listed POIs with important travel information and pictures. And you do not require the internet for the apps to work.

We don’t just feature high enterprise hotels and lodges, we are also very focused on promoting campsites and points of interest in rural areas far off the beaten track. – Janine Reyneke

Make your pictures count

Recently listed: Desert Camp (self-catering) is situated 5km from the entrance gate to Sossusvlei and Sesriem Canyon in the Namib Naukluft Park. Picture by Jacolet Odendaal

T4A encourages travellers to share their pictures, tips and details of the places they have visited. “Your pictures show people what a place really looks like. It’s best to share photos of things that are important to you. Remember, many travellers research destinations with their eyes. For keen photographers it’s also a bonus to share their snaps for others to enjoy,” Janine explains.

How to list a POI

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Fill in the online form under “Get Listed for Free”. Once you have sent your message, the T4A research team will receive an email.
  3. Before getting in touch with you, T4A will make sure that the POI is not already listed and, if not, they will confirm the exact location with you via email. After the necessary confirmation, you will have to complete a registration form with details about the POI.
  4. T4A then adds your POI and the location’s information. Now you can submit photos via your dedicated webpage.
A typical listing: the small town of Augrabies in South Africa’s Northern Cape province.

Did you know?

  • You can submit corrections about POIs directly on the T4A website. Simply search for the POI or part of the POIs name, under “Search the Map of Africa” to find the relevant POIs listing.

T4A’s POI database is huge, and it is a challenge to keep all POIs maintained. As information regularly changes, T4A encourages users to let the team know when and where they spot mistakes such as incorrect contact details. Incorrect data is immediately rectified which filters through to all T4A’s product platforms.

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