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LAND LOVER to become a Sea Gypsy

The wind conducts a tinkling symphony, tapping lines against the masts, and I marvel at the interesting names as I walk down the jetty: Cape Dawn, Kind of Magic, Ariel, St Augustine, African Dream, Sea Born, Le Murls, Rosie Dry, Wind Song, Tenacity, Figaro, Sweet Waters and Maximillien to name a few. I realise that I have grown to love our marina since we sailed into Hout Bay with Moondust in October 2016…


Shortly after returning from our seven month trip to Ethiopia in 2015, Pete was reminded of his dream to go sailing. For me sailing was quite foreign as I grew up in the Transvaal and was never really exposed to it.  However, I am always up for adventure and so, when Pete asked if I would like to accompany him I didn’t have to think hard about joining him on an extended cruise. Continue reading LAND LOVER to become a Sea Gypsy

Tracks4Africa Guide App now on Android

Autumn 2016 is an exciting time at Tracks4Africa as we have just launched an update of the Botswana paper map and the long-awaited Android version of the T4A Guide App, which was launched last year for Apple devices and very well received by travellers.

 Tracks4Africa Guide App

With modern-day electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, the technology used on the road by travellers has developed to such an extent that Tracks4Africa had to rethink the way in which it makes its traveller information accessible. Tablets specifically give you a big enough screen, a fast enough processor, an integrated GPS, camera and communication capability.

The App is not a routing/navigation tool, but even though it will not navigate you on a turn by turn basis to a destination, it automatically solves more than half of your navigation problems since it shows your location accurately  as you travel, on an excellent map with good guide content, and it plots your intended destination with equal accuracy. Continue reading Tracks4Africa Guide App now on Android

Don’t forget the good old paper map

I simply cannot travel without a good paper map! I like the feel of a paper map and I also need it to orientate myself to ‘the bigger picture’. Modern day travellers cannot imagine themselves overlanding without electronic devices like GPSs, smartphones or tablets/iPads. True, these are invaluable, but the reality is that they can fail you. Therefore you should always travel with paper maps too.

An electronic device with a built-in GPS and a good map or app can indicate your position to within 5m or navigate you to your destination. However, such a device may give you tunnel vision as you usually look at a small screen zoomed in to see detailed information. Also, the device can let you down when it loses satellite signal or its power fails. Continue reading Don’t forget the good old paper map