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How to be safe around elephants

It was twilight and not a good time to be out on foot with predators lurking around. The next moment we were shocked to a standstill! A big elephant bull was standing a few meters from us, clearly annoyed with our intrusion. It is difficult to say who got the biggest fright, us or our armed guide!

This incident happened a few years ago when we went for a guided walk in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park.  Then, if it wasn’t for the flooded river crossing, we would have been back at camp well before dark.

In many game areas in Southern Africa the camps are unfenced, which means that elephant can visit at any time. We had an elephant visiting our site while we were pitching our tent and also at night whilst sitting around the fire. Continue reading How to be safe around elephants

Don’t travel without a good paper map

I simply cannot travel without a good paper map! I like the feel of a paper map and I also need it to orientate myself to ‘the bigger picture’. A GPS is an amazing device that can indicate your position to within 5m or navigate you to your destination. However, a GPS may give you tunnel vision as you usually look at a small screen zoomed in to see detailed information. Also, the GPS can let you down when it loses satellite signal or when its power fails. Continue reading Don’t travel without a good paper map