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An epic adventure in the Okavango

“An epic adventure, covering 4 380km in ten days through some of the roughest terrain in the African wilderness has really re-enforced my respect for nature… and Toyota Land Cruiser,” says Jeremy Clacherty from Pinetown in Kwazulu-Natal after he and five of his friends literally got into deep water in the Okavango Delta.

From their experience it is clear that overlanders should be extremely cautious when traversing roads that could be affected by seasonal water and must do proper homework before they take on this challenge. They got horribly stuck in the swamps and it almost became a life threatening situation when they had to abandon one of the two vehicles in the party. Continue reading An epic adventure in the Okavango

How to start travelling Africa

So, you read about all these wonderful places in Africa and you want to go but you don’t know where to start?  You are not an experienced camper and you don’t own a 4WD. Don’t despair; there are many beautiful places that you can reach in your 2 wheel drive sedan vehicle and there are plenty of campsites or lodges with excellent facilities. Continue reading How to start travelling Africa