What you need to get through the border

Getting through border posts are notoriously the worst part of travelling in Southern Africa. One of the most vital aspects of preparing for your trip is to ensure that you have the right documentation for getting yourself and your vehicle through the border without wasting too many hours and getting yourself worked up too much.

If you want to travel Africa, you need a LOT of patience to get through most border posts. It is of no use to be in a hurry or to get uptight. Remember, if you take off your hat and your sunglasses and put on a smile, chances are good that you will get a much warmer reception.

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Some people have had unfortunate experiences with having to pay bribes to officials at border posts and at some border posts you will feel harassed by opportunistic volunteers who offer to guide you through the official proceedings (of course at a small fee) or want to trade money for the local currency.

Having to pay bribes is most definitely not at the order of the day. In fact, if you have the right documents you don’t ever need to pay a bribe.

You can choose to ignore the harassing entrepreneurs but in some cases it really is worth the money to let them guide you through the whole process. When you arrive at a border post you are often greeted by long queues without any indications whatsoever of what forms you need to fill in, what is expected of you and which windows you should visit in which order. The only way of knowing is to ask and quite often you end up at the back of the queue again because you didn’t fill in the right form.

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There are long queues at most border posts.
There are long queues at most border posts like this one at Vioolsdrift between South Africa and Namibia. (Photo: Hannelie Bester)

If you do decide to make use of these fixers be ready to stand your ground on what you are prepared to pay them for their services and check the exchange rates before you get to the border otherwise you might end up getting cheated badly.

The Namibian borders are most probably the easiest to cross from South Africa and from reports it seems like Zimbabwe (especially Beitbridge and Chirundu) are the most difficult. You need to be well prepared with all the necessary documents.

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First things first

  • Make sure your passport is valid for six months after you are due to leave the country.
  • South Africans don’t need visas for neighbouring countries but if you are a foreigner you need to check whether you need a visa.
  • You need a valid driver’s licence in English. If your licence is not English, you will have to get an international driver’s licence. (It is in any case advisable to get one.)
  • Get the inoculations you need like Yellow Fever.
  • Check which goods are prohibited to take across the border.
  • Check what you are allowed to take through customs and what not. Countries differ as to what they allow duty free (like cigarettes, tobacco, wine, spirits and perfume) and there also might be restrictions on fresh produce like meat, meat products, fruit and vegetables.
  • It is compulsory for any vehicle, caravan or trailer registered in South Africa to have a ZA sign displayed when it crosses any border.

Documents needed for your vehicle

 If you are the legal owner of the vehicle that you are driving, you need the following:

  • Original vehicle registration paper or a certified copy thereof.
  • A  Police Clearance Certificate stating that you are the legal owner of the vehicle. (Note that this has changed since 2014: the SAPS no longer issue vehicle clearance certificates for tourist cross border travel and will only do so if the vehicle is being exported from the country. -Ed) 

If you are not the legal owner of the vehicle (e.g. it is still being financed by the bank, rented or a borrowed vehicle), you need the following:

  • Copy of the vehicle license papers (where the renewal disk is cut out annually) or a certified copy of the vehicle registration papers.
  • A letter from the financial institution/owner that authorizes you to take the vehicle across the border. This letter must stipulate dates that you are allowed to take the vehicle out of the country and be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. Note if you rent a vehicle or borrow one you will need letters of consent from both the financial institution and the owner.  The financial institution usually won’t give you a letter unless you provide them with proof that it is insured across the border.
  • An affidavit from the police, giving you authorization from the owner/financial institution to take the vehicle abroad.

If your vehicle is registered outside SACU (Southern African Common Customs Area which consists of Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland and Namibia) you will also need to get a Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD). This is the international customs document which covers the temporary admission of a motor vehicle.

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Procedure at the border

Each individual in your group needs to fill in an arrival/departure form.

Requirements differ from country to country but at most border posts in Southern Africa the driver of the vehicle will need to:

  • Get a TIP (Temporary Import Permit) for your vehicle.
  • Get police clearance on your vehicle.
  • Pay cross border charges to the local Roads Agency/Fund.
  • Buy vehicle insurance.
  • Buy a road permit for your vehicle.
  • Complete the vehicle register and obtain a gate pass for the vehicle. The gate pass must be signed by both the customs department and the immigration department; otherwise they will send you back to the office for the additional stamp!

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Tips for easier border crossing

  • Always check that your passport has been stamped according to the correct dates of your stay and have it amended immediately if necessary.
  • It is best to declare all your valuable equipment like laptops and cameras at each border crossing otherwise you might end up having to pay import duty on your own equipment. Have a list of all your cameras and electronic equipment with serial numbers and values ready at the border. It will then be much easier to complete the forms.
  • Check that your TIP has been stamped by the official when you entered the country as you will have to hand this stamped official document in when you leave the country again.
  • Nowadays you will be checked for Ebola by a simple procedure of checking your temperature.
  • You are allowed to stay for a maximum of 90 days and therefore you will only get vehicle insurance for three months. Make sure you don’t overstay your welcome.
  • Make sure the registration number on your vehicle registration paper is the same as the registration number of the vehicle otherwise you are going to run into some trouble.
  • Also ensure that the VIN (vehicle identification number) and the Engine Number on your vehicle registration paper correspond with those on your vehicle and that you know where the engine number is printed on your vehicle in case the border official wants to check that.
  • Keep all your official documents together in a plastic envelope. Print your vehicle details (like license number and make) in large letter type and put that, together with your registration paper, back to front in the envelope so that it is readable through the envelope. If you have a trailer, put its detail to be visible if you turn the envelope around. Whenever you are asked for your vehicle or trailer details, you just hold your handy envelope against the window for the official to read.
  • When you return to South Africa, you are not allowed to take fuel in containers through the border without paying import duty. Empty the fuel containers into your vehicle before crossing the border.

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106 thoughts on “What you need to get through the border”

  1. Hi there
    We have a client who will be renting a kitted camping trailer from us and will be crossing the border into Zambia from Kachulu side. What documents do we need to give to him to cross the border safely?
    Letter of Permission, Trailer Reg Doc copy, Letter from our insurance.
    Will he require a police clearance certificate as well???

    1. According to the available information, you need the following:
      • letter of permission
      • certified copy of the trailer registration
      • letter from insurance is good but not necessary, he has to buy third party insurance at the border
      • police clearance aka private vehicle verification report
      In Zambia they call it “police clearance” for Interpol, in SA if you ask for “police clearance certificate” it means that they take your vehicle off the NATIS register as it will be sold in another country. So he has to ask for the “Private Vehicle Verification Report”. It is a four page document. (the following info from our T4A forum) The SAPS officer will most likely come to inspect the VIN of the vehicle and then issue the report. You need your registration document, consent use if not in your name and ID/Passport. There is no expiry date stamped on this report, however Interpol officials at the border told me they will accept anything less than 90days old. In ZA it is a simple procedure to obtain one. Go to a vehicle registration center and ask to see the SAPS officer. They are normally not involved with the run of the mill work at the office and you quickly skip any lines.

  2. Good Morning and thanks for all the information.
    Planning an extended trip next year (we all live in hope).
    I know that a 90 day SA tourist visa is available on landing in SA. However, we will be spending 25 days in SA before heading to Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe for 74 days before reentering SA for a further 21 days.
    Will the 90 day visa suffice?
    If not how do I get a 2nd visa or an extended visa.
    Thanks in anticipation

  3. My husband is returning from Henties back to South Africa. At Ariamsvlei Border do they do the covid testing at the border post or elsewhere and how long does it take to get the results and do they do the tests over weekends or not?

    1. According to a traveller on the DriveNam Facebook group, the rapid test can be done at the border. It takes about 20 minutes for the results. Please note that we only report on available information and cannot guarantee how it is implemented at individual border posts. We recommend you contact the border post in question, you can find contact details on our Africa map on http://www.tracks4africa.co.za.

    2. Hi tell me does Namibia allow the rapid tests on the Ariamsvlei Border post. And how long is it valid

  4. Hi! I’d like know if the procedure has changed since 2014?) and how do they check PCR tests on the border? And if you know, is that ok if i have one PCR done for crossing from SA to Namibia and back (within 72 hours) or should i make the new one in Namibia as well? Thank you!!!

    1. When crossing the border, present your passport, negative Covid test and the vehicle’s papers to the officials. Whether they check your passport or the test first seems to depend on the specific border post. One PCR test for entry and return within 72 hours is adequate at the moment, but regulations are updated on a regular basis.

  5. Hi l am a Zimbabwean and l want to know if l can travel to SA and borrow a car from my father and return to Zimbabwe for at least two week. What do we need to cross A and Zimbabwean border ?

    1. Hi Lee, for you to cross the border you need your valid passport. To bring a ZA registered car back to Zimbabawe you would need to owner’s letter of permission as well as certified copy of registration papers.

  6. Hi travelling with my Wife, daughter and tow boys to BOTSWANA for CHURCH visit today the 15th November 2019. Each one of us having passports including children and birth certificate for the boys also. Only one boy does not have UNABRIDED birth certificate but is having normal birth certificate. I want to know what do you need to proof that is our child since we have all the proof except UNABRIDGED birth.

    1. Hi Evans, unfortunately the unabridged birth certificate is what you will need. Best to speak to your local office of the department of home affairs to see if there is any alternative. However I am pretty sure you will need the unabridged birth certificate to take a child out of South Africa. The minister recently announced that they wave this requirement for visitors to South Africa but my understanding is that it only applies to foreign visitors to South Africa.

  7. ek is n suid afrikaner.kuier in namibie.ek wil graag uit vind …na 90 dae.hoe lank voor jy wee nambie mag in kom?

  8. Hi Johaan, Thank you for your informative border crossing page!! This is probably going to sound silly, but we will be exiting Namibia in to Botswana and then Botswana back to Namibia, we don’t have to get the insurance and road permits again, do we?

    Sorry if it sounds silly, first time doing this!
    Many thanks

  9. I am completely confused about the need or advisability of a carnet de passage from the AA for a trip to Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe. It looks as if I don’t need it but the AA recommends it. What is the advantage? Is it more expensive then having none and get the TIPs at the border posts? Please advise.

  10. My husband recently passed away. I wish to go on a trip to Zimbabwe in a couple of months time however the vehicle is registered in his name. What documentation do I require to pass through the border.

    1. Hi Sasha, I am sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. I am not sure how the legalities around an estate works, but I would suggest as a first option to get the vehicle onto your own name or as a second option to get the legal entity responsible for his estate to issue you with a letter of consent to use the vehicle. You should also have a true copy of the registration document with you if not the original. Hope this helps.

      1. if i may assist, I am a lawyer so my personal opinion is that Sasha must speak to the executor of the estate to establish whether she can make a formal application to buy the vehicle out of the estate (as living spouse of the deceased she may do that in writing) alternatively she must found out in what stage the completion of the estate is and then approach the executor to have the vehicle registered in her name, with the permission of the Master of the High court (it sounds complicated but it is not) Lastly she must get a letter from the executor that she has permission to take the vehicle out of the country.

  11. Hi.

    Moving to Namibia soon and taking a few small stuff with me that fits in the car. I am also taking a TV, Laptop, playstation, gps etc.

    Anything specific I need to know about taking these items into Namib.

    Please help, I’M LOST!

  12. My drivers license expired and I recently applied for a new one I have the temporary drivers license will it be a problem at the boarders

    1. A drivers license per se is not required to get a vehicle through the border but any police official may ask to see it when you are driving. I am not sure if a temporary license is accepted abroad, but I think that if you can get the AA to issue you an international driver’s license based on the temporary one then you should be ok. And then show the international driver’s license when asked for it. The AA might also have additional information on this issue.

      1. Hi

        Travelling to south africa for study purposes. Can I get a tip for my zim registered car for the duration of my studies, that is 2years according to my visa? Also is there a way of getting different color vehicle registration plates legally, as the yellow zim plate makes me an easy target to thieves

      2. A temporary license is accepted Johann..I went to Zimbabwe with a temporary license

  13. Hi. I’ve never traveled by car to neighbouring country’s only by flight. This will be my first-ever and I’m confused with all these documentation that is required. Firstly i have my own car registered on my name. That i do understand the papers to indicate that the car is on my name valid passport and driver’s license. Where do i get all the other documentation at the board itself.

    1. Hi Cindy, if your car is financed by a financial institution then you also need a letter from them giving you authorisation to temporarily take the vehicle to the neighbouring countries. If paid off, then only the original or certified copy of the registration document is required. Also take along a document which shows the insurance you have for the vehicle and contact your insurance to ask if you are covered in the countries you intend to visit. The rest of the documents, like TIP, 3rd party insurance etc you get at the border. Happy travels!

      1. Good Day Johann,First time traveling by car crossing the boarder traveling by car to Namibia end of December, no insurance on my car fully paid do I need insurance to cross the boarder?, How much is the TIP 3rd party insurance on the border ?

        1. You need to contribute to the Road Fund Administration of Namibia. This is paid per entry and depends on vehicle size and if you have a trailer or not. It changes from year to year but expect to pay in the region of R300. At Noordoewer they accepted a credit card for this payment when I went through there about two months ago. Police may ask to see this receipt anywhere inside the country and definately when you exit. You do not have to have third party insurance but it is so cheap that I would really recommend this type of cover. Get it in SA before you go, not sold at the borders.

          1. Hi Johann thanks a lot, do I need police clearance or can I just make copies of my car papers?

  14. We are going on holiday with a 2 year old to Botswana soon, can I take little packs of long life milk and fruit juices with us for her to drink in the car? And could I make some meals at home, freeze them and take them with us?

  15. Hi,

    I’m traveling to bits and zim with a borrowed trailer from a friend. Will the copy of his registration and affidavit suffice by the border?

    1. Hi David, the trailer will have the same requirements as the vehicle if it is not registered in your name. As a matter of interest I have taken rental vehicles across the border without the affidavit, but it is better to be sure and have all paperwork, than to wish you have done it!

      Requirements as per the blog post above:

      If you are not the legal owner of the vehicle (e.g. it is still being financed by the bank, rented or a borrowed vehicle), you need the following:

      Copy of the vehicle license papers (where the renewal disk is cut out annually) or a certified copy of the vehicle registration papers.

      A letter from the financial institution/owner that authorizes you to take the vehicle across the border. This letter must stipulate dates that you are allowed to take the vehicle out of the country and be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. Note if you rent a vehicle or borrow one you will need letters of consent from both the financial institution and the owner.
      The financial institution usually won’t give you a letter unless you provide them with proof that it is insured across the border.

      An affidavit from the police, giving you authorization from the owner/financial institution to take the vehicle abroad.

  16. Hello,
    What would i need to do if i want to temporarily import a drone into the country for commercial uses and purpose?
    thanks for the help

    1. Hi Samuel, I do not have an answer for you on this. My guess would be that it is like any other electronic equipment. I do not declare specific things, I simply state that I carry ‘camping equipment’ and no one has ever had a problem with that. Note that many parks prohibits the use of drones. I am also not sure if Zambia has specific legislation in place for the use of drones in general.

      1. Drones are now prohibited into Zambia (2020) except if you have a permit from the Zambian Airforce (ZAF) however you must make application in person in Lusaka and in true Zambian speed it can take weeks, you also need the serial number, if you bring in the drone without declaring it or not having a permit its 5 yrs prison, also getting this permit approved is very difficult because Zambian military still live in the belief foreigners are spying on their defense forces and plan to over throw the Gov’t.. Most places in the world you can buy them , use them except near govt buildings or defense bases.or national parks
        As we know you can buy and use drones in SA with only limited rules and regulations and restricted areas ie Airports, National parks ect.

        1. http://www.caa.co.zm/ajax/viewfile.php?id=168

          To fly a drone in Zambia, you need an RPAS Letter of Approval (RLA), a Certificate of Registration, and an RPAS Pilot’s License (RPL). All documents can be obtained from the Zambia Civil Aviation Authority.

          For me, Zambia is the prime example of over-regulation.

          Maximum altitude: In Zambia, your drone is allowed to fly a maximum of 120 meters. However, the drone must not fly higher than the highest object within a radius of 300 meters.

          Maximum horizontal distance and FPV: Drone flights must be operated in Zambia within sight. The maximum horizontal distance must not exceed 500 meters.

          Compulsory insurance: RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC) holders require drone insurance in Zambia.

          Maximum take-off weight (MTOW): A drone may not be used for private use when

          it weighs more than 1.5 kilograms or
          not more than 7 kilograms with a maximum kinetic energy of 15 kJ.
          Distance to airports: At airports, a distance of 10 kilometers has to be considered.(So no flying over Vic Falls)

          Other safety distances: You must not fly your drone near nuclear power plants (Zambia has none), prisons, police stations, crime scenes or major national facilities. People, public roads, and buildings must be 50 meters apart.

          No-fly zones: Public roads should not be used to launch and land drones.

          Operating Hours: Drone flights in Zambia are only allowed in daylight.

          Special legislation: Drones in Zambia must be provided with a fireproof license plate indicating their nationality and registration number. The badge must have a white background and be labeled with black letters. During a drone flight, you must always have a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher in the immediate vicinity.

          Commercial pilot regulations: Commercial drone pilots require a Remote Pilot License (RPL). To obtain an RPL, you must be at least 18 years old, have a medical report, have sufficient English language proficiency, and pass multiple exams. If you are looking for that, you should study the document linked below.

          Act http://www.caa.co.zm/ajax/viewfile.php?id=168

          Application form http://www.caa.co.zm/ajax/viewfile.php?id=260

  17. Good day. We will be travelling to namibia from South Africa via Botswana and we want take our bicycles with. Is there any paperwork we need to take with. Or do we just fill in papers at the different border posts

  18. We are relocating to Zambia in January 2018. I did the police clearance on our car and trailer. We are exporting our car and trailer. We need a export permit. On the form it says that we need and export code from SARS. Could you please advise on this.

    1. Hi Belinda, ensure that your vehicle is deregistered by your local licensing authority in SA, they will provide you with the export document. Be aware you will be required to pay import duty on the car and trailer in Zambia.

  19. Hello! My boyfriend and I are Peace Corps Volunteers in Zambia and are looking to visit Mozambique via the Cassactiza Border (south of Chipata, Eastern Province Zambia). We’re having a hard time touching base with the Mozambique Embassy in Lusaka (wont pick up the phone or email me back) and we won’t have a vehicle of our own (we plan on hitching or taking public transport), can we obtain a visa at that point of entry? After crossing the border we hope to reach Tete where we can get public transport to Chiomio. From there will go to Gorongosa for a few days and then Vilankulo. From Vilankulo we will go to Beira, back to Chiomio, back to Tete, back to the Cassactiza border to get back into Zambia. The only unknowns are transport from Cassactiza to Tete and vice versa. We’re not worried about hitching since we’re pretty used to that, but obtaining a VISA at the point of entry is something we’d like to know for certain.

    1. Hi,
      I have found that if you try contacting the Mozambique High Commission in Lilongwe Malawi they might give you the info you need as I have found them very helpful and they speak English. remember the way you are going you will not be finding anyone speaking English.
      keep that in mind as if going in national parks you need to be in a car.

      1. Hey Dave! So I’ve discovered that as of March you can obtain a 30 day tourist VISA from all points of entry into Mozambique including the Chimefusa crossing from Zambia. If you have local currency it’s only 2000mtn, if you’re carrying only USD you might have to pay up to $80. We speak Tonga and Bemba and enough Nanja to get us by but we definitely don’t know Portuguese. The only National Park we wanted to see was Gorongosa so we’re hoping the Gorongosa Adventure Campsite we’re staying with might let us rent a vehicle for the day, but we know not having our own car will be a challenge. Thank you so much for the info! I will contact the high commission in Malawi to confirm the Chimefusa crossing!

  20. Hi There, Is the Zanzibar Border post open after it was closed during the floods in May?

  21. Hi
    My wife and I have been driving from Japan since 2015.

    Can I ask something?
    Do I need Carnet in Tanzania?
    Can I get TIP at border posts?

    Thank you!
    from Cameroon

  22. Hi, I am moving to Namibia, for a year or longer, I own a car that’s registered in SA (but am of Dutch nationality),what do I need to do to import the vehicle, what are rules/regulations and costs? It hasn’t been in my name for very long (2 months) and the vehicle is from 2011 is that a problem ? I read somewhere the vehicle can’t be older than 5 years?

  23. Thunking of going back to namibia,have been here since 2008, so how do transport my furniture through the border,and what pspers do I need,moving within a weeks time

    1. Did you transport your own furniture. Removal companies charge a fortune so I am looking into a DIY move.

    1. To travel to any country in the world you need a passport, however you may have been confused with a thing called a visa, which South African passport holders require for many countries. however in this case going to Zambia a visa is not required and if driving through Botswana, Namibia or Zimbabwe to Zambia just a passport is required. The maximum stay in Zambia per year is 90 days- you are given 30 days on arrival and if you want more you must go to Zambian immigration for a extension before the 30 days expire, at the moment no extra fee.

  24. Hi…how many and what are the border posts one has to go through from Johannesburg to Uganda if driving

  25. Hi i am going to Malawi for retirement, i got a bakkie that i will be traveling with and willing to kee it there, what document should i obtained.

    1. Hi Mike,
      You will need to permanently import your vehicle into Malawi and pay import duties. You will need the original vehicle registration and a Police Clearance Certificate.

  26. Hi Karen. I wonder if you can assist me. We have a team of Fibre installers going to Angola in the next week, we are doing some work on a mine. We have to take certain equipment with us in order to do the job. It is generally hand held machines which we will carry as hand luggage on the plane. We know we need certain SARS clearance docs to take it out of the country but cant seem to find out if there is specific criteria/documentation to get it back into South Africa. I have spoken to SARS, the Angolan embassy and the Angolan Trade office. But am not coming up roses. Thanking you in advance

    1. You need a CARNET from the SA chamber of Commerce, this will solve not only your proof to get the goods back to SA but not pay a deposit or full duty in Angola when you arrive.

    2. Kim,
      I am not an expert on Angola. However, for most countries you would need a work permit to start off with. You should not have any problem with bringing back equipment that you have declared to SARS when you exited the country. When I recently crossed into Swaziland I was very impressed with how efficient and computerised SARS’s system has become.

      1. Karin Thank you so much. I looked into the CARNET and it isn’t accepted in Angola. So think we will just go with the SARS docs and see what transpires.


    1. Steven, South African registered vehicles do not need a Carnet or TIP to enter Namibia. You will only pay a small Cross Border Charge (approx R240), which includes Third Party insurance.

  28. hi everybody,
    next february i will travel from southafrica to kgalagadi.i will rent a car in soutfrica and i will stay 4 nights in kgalagadi park.theni will travel to namibia.do you know if is it possible to exit from mata mata ?i will return the car at windhoek airport.

    1. Irene, you will definitely be able to exit at Mata Mata. You only need to spend two nights in the park in order to make use of that border post.

  29. Good afternoon, We are travelling to Lesotho in September. I hear we are not allowed to take wine with us? Any other restricitions we should be aware of?

    1. Karien, we just passed through Lesotho (we entered at Sani Pass and exited at Caledonspoort. Although regulations do stipulate that South Africans are not allowed to take any alcohol into Lesotho, we were not asked about it or searched for alcohol.

  30. Hi Karin We are travelling from Namibia through Botswana to Zimbabwe (Hwange). Do we need to be vaccinated against yellow fever?

    1. you don’t need any yellow fever shots for Zambia since jan 15, check the WHO web site

  31. Hi Karin, My man gaan begin Augustus jag in Mariental, ons is nie seker of ons mag lamsvleis, spek (bacon) mag in neem nie, hoeveel drank (wyn) is toelaatbaar. Moet die karkasse eers deur ‘n veearts geinspekteer word? Baie dankie vir jou hulp.

    1. Hester, Mariental val ver buite die bek-en-klou geïnfekteerde area. Slegs die noorde van die land is risiko area. Mens mag vleis noord neem maar nie suid vanuit die rooilyn area nie. Sover ek weet is daar nie tans ‘n verbod op vleis inneem in Namibië nie, maar om seker te maak kan jy dr Cleopas Bamhare kontak by +264 61 2087505 of e-pos: bamharec@mawf.gov.na. Jy mag 2 liter wyn en 1 liter sterker drank inneem.

  32. Hi I m ikram ullah I m from Pakistan but I m stay in South Africa I got reletive permite I m stay over 5 year and I got South African driveing liccence cod 14 and I get a job in transport company in mafikeng so I want to know can I go to Botswana becoze sometime I have some load for Botswana plz

  33. Good day Sir
    Firstly I would congratulate you for the wonderful job you are doing in providing correct and up-to-date information ,as I was wondering around the web and I couldn’t fine such well illustrated information on how to move through Souther African Coutries (SADC).
    My situation is as follow:
    I’m planning to travel From my home Country Angola,to Tete,Mozambique,I own an Toyota Prado 2008 model,it belonged to my father and I’m using not normal Car Licence,it’s a Military Licence which belongs to Angolan Presidency House,it means I can move anywhere inside Angola anytime and anywhere ,but I want to travel with the same car as it is in really good condition with up to 165000 km on the log,it is 4WD ,4×4,I’m using UK driving licence and I can drive in the EU and Commonwealth Countries ,my question is,what I really need to get clear from the Border in Namibia,Botswana ,Zimbabwe and Mozambique ?

    1. Joao, your UK driving licence will be accepted in all the countries you mention. I don’t have any idea what the regulations are for military vehicles passing through borders. I suspect it won’t be that easy for you to get hold of the original registration paper? If I was you I’d contact the different embassies; maybe you can get diplomatic clearance. I am sorry, but I really can’t help you on this one.

      1. Thanks Karin for advice,I will try to contact the embassies of these countries when I will be back to Africa “Angola” In coming months,Cheers

  34. George, you don’t need a Yellow Fever Certificate for Botswana. Zambia is a low risk area; some sources say you need a certificate and others say you don’t. We were checked when we came through Zambia last year. For the little cost and effort of getting the lifelong vaccination, I would advice you to rather get it.

      1. George, best is to inquire from the Botswana Authorities (Department of Crop Protection on (+267) 392 8745/6 and Department of Veterinary Services on (+267) 368 9000/9505) about the latest info on Botswana. As far as I know there are no restrictions on food that travellers can take into Zambia for their own consumption.

  35. Hi
    Can you take coffee over the boarder from South Africa. Is it true that eg. Hairproducts bottle should not in 250ml bottles.

  36. We are a South African Production Company and we are planning on filming a cooking show in Zimbabwe. We are aware however, that we would need a film permit if we choose to film in a nationl park. I am however, not sure about all the permits needed either at the boarder, or for filming anywhere else in the country. Could anyone assist?

    1. Melyssa, I am not sure if you will have to apply for a work permit if you want to film in Zimbabwe. You will definitely have to declare all your camera equipment at the border. I advice you to contact your closest Zimbabwean embassy and give them a list of places where you want to film.

  37. hi if i buy cars in swaziland will they allow me to register it in south africa

    1. No, you need a import permit if its used and unless you have been living outside SA for over 2 yrs and can prove it, like stamps in your passport and work or resident visa you won’t get the permit, however you can register it in Lesotho or Bots but not Namibia.

  38. Hi my vrou moet in Namibia sing en ons wil sommer bietjie daar toer maar wil graag my eie klank toerusting saamvatmaar weet nie hoe ek te werk moet gaan nie so enige hulp sal great wees thanks
    jaco van rensburg

    1. If you declare all your equipment (with serial numbers) when you exit South Africa and also when you enter Namibia you should not have any problems. If you don’t declare it when you exit, customs might want you to pay import duty when you come back.

  39. What options are available to you if you need to go to South Africa from Namibia but you don’t have your passport and you need to leave urgently? It’s not lost, it’s being processed for a visa

  40. Karin
    Ons gaan Angola toe saam met toergroep. Wil graag weet wat mag ons saamneem soos vleis, drank ensovoorts. Wil ook weet van vislisensie ons gaan via probeer vang.

  41. Hi Karin
    Great info. Thanks so much. Do you have any information on the requirements for unabridged birth certificates when travelling with minors. I heard there is a new law or something. I’m not sure if it’s in effect yet. Any info on this will much appreciated.

    1. Clayton, because of international child trafficking, abduction and kidnapping officials are very strict. As from 1 October 2014 you MUST have an unabridged birth certificate as well as a valid passport for each child who is accompanying you. Both parents have to be present and show proof of their identification when you apply for this certificate. Furthermore there are very strict regulations if BOTH parents do not travel with the child. For full details, see http://www.southafrica.info/travel/documents/travel-children-110614.htm#.VJgrOl4AA

  42. We travelled from Hermanus to the KNP via Swaziland with an overnight stop in Swazi. On entering at the Golel border post we cleared the SA side very easily and also the Swazi side except for the last point where the Customs official searched the vehicle. We where not allowed to take any meat in but even worse, we where not allowed to take any wood in !! The wood was for a braai that night. The official said no way and we need a permit which we had to get on the RSA side. This made no sense. So we leave with no meat and no wood !!

  43. BEWARE: Malawi border post are known for excessive insurance fees charged by the so-called agents. The charge for a vehicle and trailer should be around Kw7,500 for vehicle and Kw5,000 for trailer (payable in Malawian Kwatsha) but is quoted at Kw40,000.(Prime Insurance) This was my experience in 2013 and 2014.

      1. I am going to Malawi via Botswana and Zambia because of the troubles in Mozambique. I heard that yellow fever is now a problem in Botswana and Zambia. Do I need to have the injection for yellow fever as this was not the case in 2012 ??

Let us know about your experience