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What to do if you get stranded with your vehicle

With modern navigation devices and cellphone cover, it’s hard to imagine getting truly stranded by a stricken vehicle. That said, the best places to explore are usually the most remote and there’s always the chance an accident or mechanical failure could leave you marooned. By Chris Davies

So, what should you do in such a situation?

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10 Commandments of camping

If you are a weekend camper who loves to pitch your poles in busy campsites a few centimetres from your noisy neighbour and usually likes to loudly share your campfire and sundowner with your mate three stands from you, then you probably will not appreciate this article. Less so if your expensive overland vehicle gives you a sense of entitlement. However, you should read on in the interest of those who marvel at serene camp experiences where they can enjoy nature, peace and quiet. Continue reading 10 Commandments of camping

Keep protected areas special!

If you aren’t a regular visitor to remote parks, you may be unsure what to expect and how to behave. Are you allowed to make your own firewood, how do you dispose of your garbage, what do you do in case of an emergency and what about those marauding monkeys?

The national parks definitely are some of the most valuable natural assets of the southern African region. Few travellers visit this area without including at least one of these protected areas on their itinerary. To preserve them for posterity, it is vital that all visitors adhere to some basic rules. Continue reading Keep protected areas special!