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Introducing the new Zambia Self-Drive Guide

A new Tracks4Africa book for overlanders has landed! Like the popular guides to Botswana and Namibia, the Zambia Self-Drive Guide is packed with essential information. Get planning advice and route suggestions, find accommodation and facilities, and discover need-to-know info on road conditions and red tape.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Zambia Self-Drive Guide, the latest addition to T4A’s popular books. After years of travelling to Zambia time and again, we’ve compiled a truly comprehensive guide and the new book is hot off the press. What’s more, if you buy the guide from the T4A online shop by 30 April 2021, you could win two places on an expedition to Zambia.

This guide will take you from the planning stages right through to booking your accommodation and activities, and ultimately setting off on your trip to Zambia. Like our other guides, it draws together the combined knowledge of an entire community of overlanders. T4A co-founder Johann Groenewald has been travelling to Zambia on a regular basis for the past decade and has built up a network of data contributors. This means every road has been verified on the ground and the result is a book that addresses the needs of the self-drive traveller. What’s more, the 400+ pages with colour pictures will have you longing to set off for Zambia.

The Zambia Self-Drive Guide Book is illustrated with beautiful pictures that will have you planning your trip before long.

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What can you expect?

The Zambia guide follows the same approach as our other guides: providing objective travel information so you have the facts to hand. The A4 book comes in a glossy semi-hard cover that folds open easily and is sturdy enough to take on the road. The guide covers the following aspects:


This guide is written specifically for the overland traveller. In addition to regional overviews, you’ll find traveller descriptions of the country’s parks as well as the towns and cities of interest to tourists. For each destination there’s a map, a summary of offerings and services, and accommodation listings.

Descriptions of destinations are accompanied by useful travel tips, maps and a visual summary of services.


Where to spend the night is a question likely to occupy much of your time. As a result, the guide covers camping and lodging relevant to overlanders. Each listing shows where the accommodation is situated, what it offers and what it costs. Useful not only for trip planning but also for quick reference on the go.

The Zambia Self-Drive Guide covers:

• 167 campsite listings, including contact details and facilities
• 407 lodge listings, including contact details and facilities


As you might expect, this guide makes ample use of our T4A maps, which are trusted by overlanders to get them where they want to go. All featured destinations are accompanied by maps and there’s a 25-page atlas section with driving times. Detailed street maps for Lusaka (22 pages) and Livingstone (6 pages) are included. The time and distance table is a crucial piece of information in a country where 130km can take up to four hours.

Suggested routes

Whether it’s your first trip to Zambia or you want to explore a region not known to you, our suggested routes make it easier. The book covers both touring itineraries and transit routes. Whereas the four touring routes each spotlight a section of the country, the detailed transit routes will help you accurately plan travel between two key points, e.g. Lusaka to Chirundu. Eye-catching pictures and route descriptions will whet your appetite for exploration, while traveller advice will help you avoid common pitfalls.

Touring routes are clearly marked on a map and contain suggestions for must-see places.

Insights into Zambia

Overlanding in Zambia is a bit more of an adventure than travelling to countries like Botswana and Namibia. However, the pay-off is that tourist destinations are less crowded.

Because you need to understand the country’s unique aspects before setting off, the T4A self-drive guide covers:

  • Country information
  • Road conditions and fuel supply
  • Border posts, requirements and the KAZA Univisa
  • Bush camping, community camps and camping etiquette
  • Safety precautions and health risks

On top of information specific to Zambia, the guide comes with an introduction to self-drive overlanding. This delves into trip planning, vehicle preparation and rental, navigation and communications.

Why visit Zambia now?

Although the country is still largely unexplored by overlanders, the spotlight is increasingly falling on this lush and lovely destination. With the new Zambia Self-Drive Guide Book, you can discover Zambia’s many charms before the rest of the world does so.

Get the Zambia Self-Drive Guide from the T4A online shop or at leading outdoor stores.

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  1. Hi, we love Zambia after several visits, even self driving. Interested in the Self-Drive Guide but when placing an order the cost amounts to horrendous R2500 due to expensive shipping to Europe. Will your guide books be sold through ordinary book stores? Can´t find them in Swedish stores using the ISBN number though.

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