The Magic of Cape Maclear  

Cape Maclear (called Chembe in the local tongue) is probably Malawi’s most renowned tourist destination. Here lodges and campsites line the shore of Lake Malawi, interspersed with local dwellings and fishing enclaves.

Cape Maclear is blessed with breathtaking sunsets over Lake Malawi, clear water with brightly coloured tropical fish and a rich village life.  As it is facing northwest it is protected against the fierce winds that sometimes rise on the lake and carry dreadful swarms of lake flies. Continue reading The Magic of Cape Maclear  

Ebola and what it entails for travellers

Having a hand held device pointed at you by a border official (who normally aren’t the most friendly or helpful specimens) can be a scary experience.  Since the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in 2014 all travellers must have their temperature taken at border crossings and at airports in an attempt to detect possible infection and prevent the spread of the virus. Continue reading Ebola and what it entails for travellers