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What to do if you get stranded with your vehicle

With modern navigation devices and cellphone cover, it’s hard to imagine getting truly stranded by a stricken vehicle. That said, the best places to explore are usually the most remote and there’s always the chance an accident or mechanical failure could leave you marooned. By Chris Davies

So, what should you do in such a situation?

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LAND LOVER to become a Sea Gypsy

The wind conducts a tinkling symphony, tapping lines against the masts, and I marvel at the interesting names as I walk down the jetty: Cape Dawn, Kind of Magic, Ariel, St Augustine, African Dream, Sea Born, Le Murls, Rosie Dry, Wind Song, Tenacity, Figaro, Sweet Waters and Maximillien to name a few. I realise that I have grown to love our marina since we sailed into Hout Bay with Moondust in October 2016…


Shortly after returning from our seven month trip to Ethiopia in 2015, Pete was reminded of his dream to go sailing. For me sailing was quite foreign as I grew up in the Transvaal and was never really exposed to it.  However, I am always up for adventure and so, when Pete asked if I would like to accompany him I didn’t have to think hard about joining him on an extended cruise. Continue reading LAND LOVER to become a Sea Gypsy