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Traversing Zambia

Upon entering Zambia at Mbale from Tanzania we both felt disappointed; as if our wonderful adventure was at an end. We were on familiar territory: the tar road was good, the towns boasted their Shoprites and Pep Stores and we could successfully use ATMs everywhere. Even the loud music at the informal roadside markets had a familiar African beat. This was easy travelling without any excitement, we thought. However, Zambia has proven us wrong… Continue reading Traversing Zambia

Watch out for the deadly snakes and scorpions of southern Africa

To some scorpions and snakes are amongst the scariest creatures in the veld and very few people like the idea of encountering them. Whilst the majority of scorpions and snakes are harmless it is important to know how to prevent stings and bites and how to treat these, especially if they may be lethal.

Continue reading Watch out for the deadly snakes and scorpions of southern Africa

How to start travelling Africa

So, you read about all these wonderful places in Africa and you want to go but you don’t know where to start?  You are not an experienced camper and you don’t own a 4WD. Don’t despair; there are many beautiful places that you can reach in your 2 wheel drive sedan vehicle and there are plenty of campsites or lodges with excellent facilities. Continue reading How to start travelling Africa