Expedition Zimbabwe: Matusadona

With Matusadona National Park as the first destination, week 1 of Expedition Zimbabwe got underway. Expedition members Graeme Sharp, Buck O’Donoghue and Joanne Craig are keeping Tracks4Africa updated as they go.

On 12 August, the team of Expedition Zimbabwe set off from Harare, with Matusadona as the first national park on their itinerary. The first leg to Gache Gache was essentially a transit day but ended with a soft landing at a lovely looking campsite. The sense of adventure kicked into higher gear as the expedition vehicles crossed Lake Kariba by ferry, bound for Matusadona.

A ferry across Lake Kariba is the gateway to Matusadona.


Since 2019, African Parks has managed the park in partnership with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. The organisation is keen to build self-drive, low impact tourism to this wild and remote park. On offer are both wilderness campsites (no facilities) and serviced campsites, with basic ablutions. At Tashinga, there are more comprehensive ablutions and overlanders can buy diesel.

Matusadona’s beautiful wilderness campsites put you in the heart of nature.

The team checked out the Kanjedza area before making their way to Tashinga and then on to Maronga campsite. All too soon it was time to exit at Chifudze Gate and head for Chizarira National Park.

Road conditions

The road to Gache Gache is in reasonably good condition. However, caution if towing a trailer, there are some very bad sections.

In Matusadona, the escarpment road to Tashinga calls for low range, compressors and axe and saws to clear the way. A distance of around 30km took 3 hours. Road from Maronga to Chifudze is in pretty good condition.

The park offices at Tashinga demonstrate the energy, pride and professionalism being poured into Matusadona.

Travel tips

In Kariba, there are new shops catering to overlanding needs (generic vehicle spares, batteries, etc.).

Maronga causeway is a good spot to fill up with water and cool off in shallow pools.

Transit campsite at Chifudze is beautifully situated in a grove of mahogany trees. Useful overnight spot if travelling to Tashinga and find time is running out, also for overnighting between Chizarira and Mana Pools.


Bush walk along Nyamuni River
Hike to Fothergill’s plaque on escarpment at Sanyati West
Boating, game drives and walks on offer to self-drive visitors

The Nyamuni is a perennial river – useful for filling up water bottles.

More information from Tourism Manager Chris Chiparaushe: chrispenc@africanparks.org


“Matusadona is arguably one of the most scenic parks in Africa thanks to the combination of water, mountains and wide, open vistas. This park is open, things are happening, and it needs to be your next self-drive destination! And stay for at least  a week.”

Matusadona’s stunning scenery made a big impact on the team.

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  1. Well I am so excited to hear that A.P. have finally got to Matusodona! This is a beautiful park with magic scenery. We attempted to get to Tasinga during a trip in 2017 but due to a spring break on our trailer we had to turn back after taking about 4 hours to do 30kms! I was really disapointed but aim to return soon better prepared with a new trailer meant to handle the rugged terain.
    Well done to African Parks and thank you Tracks for Africa for sharing !

  2. Thank you for your post, Will definitely add it to my list when planning a trip through Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique

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