New: GPS Maps version 23.10 brings you updates

The latest version of our popular mapset is out on 15 October 2023. Get GPS Maps version 23.10 for the latest tracks and points of interest.

It is with good reason that Tracks4Africa is the trusted navigational resource for overlanders. We continually increase our coverage of African roads and twice a year we release our updated GPS Maps on SD Card. Traveller’s Africa GPS Maps version 23.10 offers updated information on roads, points of interest (POIs) and places to stay.

The Tracks4Africa mapping team processed 357 data submissions for GPS Maps version 23.10. We are indebted to the overlanders who shared their tracks so we could expand our database of routes and POIs.

What’s new in GPS Maps version 23.10?

As part of our focus on Zimbabwe, our team has travelled widely to verify road networks in the country. Most of the updated information will be reflected in this new version of our GPS Maps. Additionally, many services (POIs and places to stay) have been added for Zimbabwe.

Following reports from overlanders that some campsites in East Africa are no longer operational, we cleaned up the camping database. We suspect that campsites closed as a result of the widespread lockdowns and hope that over time they will open again. For now, we have removed the ones we could not confirm.

Map coverage

  • 1,419,023km of navigable roads
  • 269,648 points of interest
  • 2,605 protected areas
  • 18,958 accommodation listings (3.3% up from v23.05)
  • 4,635 campsites
  • 8,763 places to eat or drink (3.6% up from v23.05)
  • 15,468 fuel stops

Change log

  • Updates to protected areas: Gonarezhou, Hwange, Kafue, Matobo, Mana Pools, Umfurudzi
  • Updated roads and POIs in cities and towns: Bulawayo, Harare, Palapye

GPS Maps version 23.10 on SD card

It couldn’t be easier to start travelling with Tracks4Africa thanks to the GPS Maps release on SD card. The latest version of the mapset comes preloaded on a micro SD card with standard adapter. All you have to do is plug it into your Garmin device and you’re all set.

The SD card can be used on most map-capable Garmin units, including the latest Drive models. Take note: this product is not compatible with iGo in-car navigation systems, Android devices or Apple tablets/phones. However, the SD card contains installation files for Mac and PC users to access the maps on their computers for trip planning. This can also be used to transfer maps to older Garmin units such as the 276c, 76csx, older generation Trex, etc.

Getting upgrades

When you purchase Tracks4Africa GPS Maps on SD Card, you qualify for a free upgrade when the next mapset becomes available. Note that you must register your SD Card on the Tracks4Africa site to get the upgrade.  Find out more at the link below.

View the upgrade FAQs


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    1. The price of the SD Card with the new maps will be the same as previously: R1,149

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