T4A launches new online store

Tracks4Africa has recently launched a brand-new online store. As always, you can purchase all your favourite self-drive navigation products without having to leave your couch. And redeeming upgrades is now even easier.

With a sleek design making the shop accessible and easy to use, the T4A online store has everything you need – from paper maps and self-drive guides to GPS maps and the popular Southern Africa atlas. Planning your next Africa road trip is truly just a click away. Great news is that the new online store is now also fully mobile friendly.

Important to know

Change is as good as a holiday, but before you start exploring the new online store, there are a few things you should know:

  • Existing customers have to reset their login password.
  • New customers can register with a user name, email address and password. Alternatively, make use of the social login option and register with your Facebook or Google account.
  • Customers who are due to receive free upgrades or discounts on GPS maps will now receive this in the form of coupons in their cart.
  • If you purchased the 17.10 SD card, you will automatically receive a coupon in your cart to redeem version 18.05 or a complete set of downloadable GPS maps.
  • Customers who qualify for a 50% discount on GPS maps, will automatically receive a 50% discount coupon in their cart.

Start shopping!

All it takes are a few clicks. Follow these steps:

1. After logging in, head to your preferred product section (atlas, GPS maps, paper maps, etc.). Once you’ve made your choice(s), click on the “ADD TO CART” button. If you are due for a coupon, it will be displayed at the bottom of your cart (see screen shot at step 2). Simply click on the coupon to redeem it and apply to your cart total.

2. On the top right of the page, click on the basket icon and “VIEW CART”. When you are happy with your selection, choose your shipping option (via courier, post office or local pickup) and click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”.

3. Complete your personal details and delivery address, choose your payment option (credit card, debit card, or EFT) and click on “PLACE ORDER”.

New upgrade rules

To upgrade your Garmin device with T4A’s latest GPS maps, you have two options:

#1: Buy the SD card

As always, when purchasing the latest version, you are entitled to ONE free upgrade on the next version. Hereafter, you qualify for 50% discount on any other subsequent versions of the SD card, OR 50% discount on a subscription for a complete set of downloadable GPS maps. Take note that your free upgrades or discounts now come in the form of coupons.

#2: Subscribe for downloadable GPS maps

Choose between:

  • A complete set that entitles you to four GPS maps within a one-year period (one purchase and three upgrades), and hereafter a 50% discount on any further full-subscription purchases OR SD card for GPS maps.
  • A single map entitles you to four GPS maps within a one-year period (one purchased and three upgrades), and hereafter no further discounts.

Your T4A account

Were you interrupted in the middle of your purchase? Don’t worry. Your T4A “MY ACCOUNT” page keep tabs on all your recent orders and wishlist items. Here you will also find subscriptions and links to download maps, including user guides. Click on “ACCOUNT DETAILS” to change your password and edit information like shipping and billing addresses.

Become a T4A affiliate

Register your business, blog or website on Tracks4Africa’s new online store and you could earn commission when promoting T4A products. After registering, you will receive links to T4A’s various products to encourage other avid travellers to not only join the T4A family, but to always travel Africa informed. Register now!

Share your feedback

Do you have any questions, suggestions or complaints? Submit an online comment, send an email to sales@tracks4africa.co.za, or give us a call on +27 (0)21 880 8660.

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