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How to contribute data to T4A, part 3: list your business

By registering your business with Tracks4Africa, you help us to build the most trusted maps of Africa out there. In return, we give you free exposure to thousands of travellers in need of your services. It’s a win-win!

Tracks4Africa hosts businesses (such as lodges, restaurants, shops, farm stalls, fuel stops, doctor’s rooms, picnic spots, etc.) as Points of Interest (POIs) on our various platforms. If your business falls into one of these categories or could stand to benefit tourists, we highly recommend you register it with us. After all, it can be made visible to thousands of users around the world and many avid travellers in Africa…for free!

Businesses get great exposure via these platforms:

Tracks4Africa GPS maps
Website Listings: Padkos: This is the T4A term for additional information on the POIs featured on our Tracks4Arica GPS maps, eg: photos, descriptions, contact details, etc. On our website, you’ll find a dedicated page for every POI.
Automotive Navigation: Tracks4Africa overland navigation is available for compatible in-car navigation systems.
Smartphone Apps: T4A maps of Southern and Eastern Africa are available on a smartphone app for Android, iPhone or iPad. These apps feature information and photos of POIs.
T4A Africa Guide: Included on our GPS map’s SD card, this guide contains valuable POI information and photos accessible directly on a GPS unit.
T4A Africa Map: Each POI on our dataset is searchable on this interactive map found on our website. The entry for every POI makes allowance for additional information and photos.
T4A Paper Maps: Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique/Malawi and South Africa are available as paper maps. These maps promote travelling to POI in these specific regions.
T4A Books: Our very popular guide books to Namibia and Botswana feature verified POIs.
• Our Traveller’s Atlas provides detailed maps for the whole of Southern Africa.

Simply complete this online form in order to register your business with Tracks4Africa.

Once you are listed, be sure to tell guests and clients that you appear on Tracks4Africa – it will help them find you!

You can also include one of these downloadable images to your own website’s Directions/Maps/Contacts page. Remember to link the image to your listing on the T4A website.

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If you would like to submit GPS data from your overland trip, check out part 1. Alternatively, if you would like to contribute useful traveller information on our website, check out part 2.

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