New on T4A GPS Maps: Traveller’s Africa 17.10

Want an even better GPS map? Traveller’s Africa 17.10 boasts more road coverage and comes preloaded on a micro SD card with standard adapter, ready for Plug & Navigate. Navigate with greater confidence in Zambia, Morocco and more – here’s what you can expect from the map update. By Johann Groenewald

The technical specs

The SD card can be used on most map capable Garmin units and has also been tested with the latest Nuvi models. The SD card contains installation files for PC and Mac users who want to install the maps on their computers for trip planning or transferring maps to older Garmin units such as the 276c, 76csx, previous generation eTrex, and others.


Take note that Traveller’s Africa 17.10 is not compatible to iGO in-car navigation systems, Android or iOS devices. For these platforms, read more about T4A’s iGo 8 Automotive Navigation.

Map coverage

The map growth is organic in nature and we have processed 161 data submissions for version 17.10. These data submissions not only provide more roads and POIs (points of interest), they also improve the quality of existing data by means of corrections. The overall road coverage has increased by 3.4% from 17.05.

  • 1,200,548km of roads, detailed tourist coverage and fully navigable (3.4% increase from 17.05)
  • 158,865 POIs (0.7% up from 17.05)
  • Most complete and detailed protected areas (national parks, game reserves, private nature reserves etc.) in Africa with 2,343 parks in total
  • 14,399 accommodation listings (1% up from 17.05)
  • 3,936 camp sites, the most complete camping database in Africa (1% up from 17.05)
  • 6,009 places to eat or drink (up 1% from 17.05)
  • 10,904 fuel stops (3% up from 17.05)
Version 17.10’s map coverage

Changes implemented

South African metro roads have been revised and optimised for routing. This improvement will affect routing in cities as well as the display of maps. We have also updated many secondary roads in South Africa with route numbers.

There was a very significant increase of road coverage in Zambia. We added more than 23,000km of roads, mostly unpaved, to increase the coverage by 32% from the previous release. This was the result of a mapping project of health facilities done by an NGO and supported by our vehicle trackers and mapping team.

Our team continued their research in Western Africa, this time with a focus on Morocco. We reworked the entire freeway and national road system of the country to ensure we reflect the latest upgrades. In the process we added roadside services such as fuel stations on highways. Morocco road coverage has increased by 15% from the previous release.

Road updates

  • Morocco major routes and names
  • Zambia updated with Ride2Care mapping of health facilities and secondary roads
  • Guinea-Bissau major highways
  • Nairobi city routing and streets
  • Uganda major routes
  • New suburbs and streets added for South Africa
  • Roads updated in Piper Pan, Botswana
  • De Wildt 4WD Trail
  • Fernkloof Hiking Trail in Hermanus
  • Zaagkuilsdrift Bird Sanctuary, including related POIs and tracks
  • Kawa 4WD Trail and related POIs
  • Streets and names updated in Otjiwarongo, Namibia
  • Botswana: New tracks along Boteti River, Khwai Development Trust and Mababe Zokotsama Community Concession, as well as useful POIs in Kasane
  • Selebi Phikwe streets and names

General map improvements

  • Routing through towns and cities has been optimised for the entire Africa
  • On- and off-ramp routing optimised
  • Malawi, Zambia and South Africa route names updated
  • Route naming convention updated for the entire Africa
  • The river systems for the entire Southern Africa have been updated to improve data quality and optimise map display
  • Map display ranking system introduced on map features to improve consistency of map feature display on specific zoom levels. This will also affect our web map display.

17.10 coverage per map region

Below is the updated information about each of the 16 maps contained on T4A’s new Traveller’s Africa 17.10.

Enjoy the new version and travel Africa informed!

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