Quiz: What type of overlander are you?

The toughest part about overlanding is choosing where to go. Take our quiz to find your overlander personality, and we’ll tell you where to head next.

What is the first thing you do when you get to your campsite?

a) Start a fire, grab a cold one, and put your feet up

b) Rig up your solar chargers and check for connectivity

c) What campsite? You’re in the middle of nowhere

d) Grab your camera and search for interesting subjects

What is your approach to trip planning?

a) You have a general idea of where you want to go and how long it will take

b) You plan carefully to optimise the time available for doing things

c) You pick the out-of-the-way spots on the map

d) You choose places based on the best photos, then connect the dots

Less is more. Picture by Emmanuel Maceda.

Which Point of Interest do you like to stop at?

a) A vibrant bush pub

b) Any spot with WiFi

c) A viewpoint

d) A roadside eatery to enjoy local food

What is your soundtrack when overlanding?

a) Chatting with your travelling companion

b) Listening to music and catching up with the news on occasion

c) Silence – just the sound of the wheels on the road

d) Listening to an audiobook

What’s your preferred road to take?

a) The scenic route

b) The quickest way

c) A little-known back road

d) Any new road

What is the typical photo you take?

a) Roaring campfire

b) Your laptop set up under a thorn tree

c) Horizon with no-one in sight

d) An artistic shot of an old building

Campfire conversations with the crew. Picture by Mike Erskine.

How do you make coffee in the morning?

a) You make do with whatever’s going: filter, cappuccino sachets, even instant

b) You make a small shot of perfection with a nifty gadget

c) You make Moerkoffie/Turkish coffee in a kettle

d) You put freshly ground beans in a Moka coffee pot

Why do you like overlanding?

a) The simplicity of life on the road appeals to you

b) You love the stimulation of new sights and experiences

c)  You enjoy the peace and quiet of Africa’s remote corners

d) You relish the chance to explore different cultures

Peace, quiet, and great scenery. Picture by Iqbal Muakhid.

If you answered mostly A: You’re a laid-back overlander

You’re easy-going about the destination, the route, and the gear. You have no preconceptions about what an overlanding trip should be, you’re just happy to be exploring.

Where to go: Zambia

This beautiful country offers a rich variety of experiences, but you have to take the occasional setback (potholes, police stops or washed out roads) in your stride. Don’t worry, the scenic landscapes and incredible wildlife make up for it. Get the Zambia Paper Map to plan your trip.

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Busanga Plains in Kafue National Park, Zambia. Picture by Karin Theron.

If you answered mostly B: You’re a digital nomad

You’ve found the secret to overlanding more regularly: you combine work and pleasure. You don’t want to spend too many hours on the road and when you’re in camp you need a comfortable workstation.

Where to go: Namibia

The good roads make travelling here easier than in most of Africa and the dramatic scenery will keep you inspired even if you have to do a spot of work. Find route recommendations and places to stay in the Namibia Self-drive Guide Book.

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Etosha National Park, Namibia. Picture by Janine Reyneke.

If you answered mostly C: You’re a rugged adventurer

You enjoy travelling off the beaten track and finding solitude in a remote and beautiful place. You don’t need creature comforts – the simpler, the better. That’s how you recharge your batteries.

Where to go: Botswana

Yes, there are luxury lodges, but the country also offers some of the very best wild camping. What could compare to camping alone under the baobabs that sheltered some of Africa’s first overland explorers? Find other great campsites and route suggestions in the Botswana Self-drive Guide Book.

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Bwabwata National Park, Botswana. Picture by Karin Theron.

If you answered mostly D: You’re a culture vulture

You draw inspiration from the world around you and enjoy capturing it on your camera. You love learning about the history of the places you visit and getting to know various ways of life.

Where to go: Ethiopia

With ancient rock-hewn churches, a variety of tribal cultures, unusual wildlife and otherworldly landscapes, this must be one of the most interesting countries in Africa.

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Lalibela. Ethiopia. Picture by Karin Theron.


3 thoughts on “Quiz: What type of overlander are you?”

  1. We’re definitely A’s. Left UK in June 2019 and following our noses with a rough plan of Caledonia to Cape Town which is our page on FB.

    Currently stuck in Nairobi since 3rd March

  2. I voted C throughout, but would like to say Botswana is not for me. Namibia North Zambezi Province reserves are magnificent. What about Kunene to Epupa and van Zyls pass? Kaokaland etc. Zambia anywhere, Zambezi River from South to North Liuwa Plains, Kafue, North and South Luangwa, South Zambezi Bengwuela swamps, and many gems like waterfalls and wild camping as safe as if not safer than my own home. Don”t miss out on all the gems in Zimbabwe, a country with unspoilt beauty, who cares about politics, do not get involved and enjoy the country! ‘t

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