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South Africa Traveller’s Paper Map – Edition 2

We’re proud to bring you the second edition of our South Africa paper map. The new version has been updated with the latest traveller data and is even easier to use, so you can explore with confidence.

The second edition of our traveller’s map to South Africa, which includes Lesotho and Swaziland (eSwatini), builds on the success of the first paper map. Like the original, the revised version is printed on tear-proof and water-resistant PolyArt paper, so it’s designed to take a beating. It again uses a scale of 1:1,000,000 (1cm = 10km), but there are some important enhancements.

South Africa Paper Map Edition 2
The South Africa Traveller’s Paper Map Second Edition

Colour-coded search

When a map is this big – 2.7m2 of info to be precise – it can be a challenge to zoom in on the exact section you need. The second edition South Africa traveller’s map has coloured borders that correspond to its colour-coded search index. This makes it a piece of cake to go straight to the map side or fold section where the place you’re searching for can be found.

Bigger type

The new map makes use of larger, easier-to-read fonts – no need to squint to make out names. The key to points of interest has been expanded, so you can tell whether that little village in the middle of nowhere has an ATM or someone to fix your tyre.

Updated routes

What’s most important for travellers is that this map has the very latest information from the Tracks4Africa data warehouse. Wherever the lure of the open road takes them, members of the T4A community share their GPS information with us. From highways to byways, tar roads to dirt tracks… the roads on the new South Africa paper map have been taken by other self-drive travellers. You pick the fruit of their experience.

Distance and travel times

This brings us to another indispensable feature for overlanders: distances and travel times of lesser-known roads. In a country where road conditions vary dramatically, the equation between distance and travel time is no straightforward thing. We use verified GPS data to determine the actual time needed to cover the distance between two points. The map’s table of distances and travel times between major destinations has been comprehensively updated based on this information.

Whether you’re busy plotting your next road trip or you find yourself at a crossroads, the second edition of our South Africa paper map will get you where you want to be.

Good to know

  •  Large double-sided map
  • User-friendly scale: 1cm on map = 10km on ground
  • Includes Lesotho and Swaziland, plus some border areas in neighbouring Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique
  • Border posts with opening and closing times Distances and travel times verified through GPS-recorded data
  • Errors or omissions from the first edition have been fixed

Buy the new South Africa Traveller’s Map 2nd Edition online.

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