The perfect Christmas gift

What to give him for Christmas? Always the million dollar question; unless you buy your boy another toy! Add some adventure to it and you have the perfect Christmas gift, especially if you are willing to enjoy it with him…

Any one of Tracks4Africa’s products will make the perfect Christmas gift this year.

Electronic maps

You can buy him (or her or yourself) the longstanding and trusted Tracks4Africa map for a Garmin GPS or the Overland Navigator App for an iPad/iPhone or Android device.

T4A GPS Maps are available on SD card which you simply plug into your GPS. The map can also be downloaded onto your computer as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac installation files are included on the SD card. This is the ideal tool for planning your trip and contains information actually submitted by travellers who have covered these routes.

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The Overland Navigator App, containing similar information to the GPS map, can be downloaded directly from iTunes (Apple) or from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Navigator app

Paper maps

I love travelling with a paper map as well as a GPS map, simply because I can orientate myself more easily on a paper map and get a general feeling of the wider area whilst the GPS can take me to within a few metres of where I want to be.

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The newest addition to T4A’s paper map range is the long awaited South African map. (We also have paper maps for Namibia and Botswana.) The maps are printed at a scale of 1:1 000 000 and provide travel times as well as travel distances between points. Their high quality PolyArt paper is tough (tear and water resistant), feels great and is the perfect material for outdoor use.

Guide books

To get the most out of your African travels it is essential to be well informed. If you plan on going to Namibia and/or Botswana the comprehensive Tracks4Africa Namibian and Botswana Guide Books are ideal.  They are specifically aimed at self-drive travellers and are full of travel tips and information on how to prepare for an overland trip.

Book Covers combinedThey will also tell you what facilities and services are available in towns so that you can plan where to refuel, withdraw money or find accommodation. Additionally they feature a chapter on border post crossings and another on foot and mouth veterinary control fences so that you will know where you are allowed take fresh meat and where not.

One of the most useful sections of the books is the database of hundreds of camping and lodging places. Each accommodation listing features rates, contact details, facilities available, activities offered and a description of the camping or lodging point of interest (POI).

Guide App

The Tracks4Africa Guide App is currently only available on iPad/iPhone but will be released for Android in the near future.

App pic 1 for 24 March

The App screen has the look of a paper map and even though it is not a navigation App you will stay oriented as your GPS location will be shown on the map as you move. It is an off-line App which means that you can use it without having to worry about an internet connection.

The guide offers a wealth of information in the following POI categories: Places (cities, towns, etc), Attractions & Activities, Parks, Scenic, Camps, Lodging, Food & Drink, Fuel, Shopping, Services and More (miscellaneous points of interest). The guide information is linked to a location on the map and will display each POI as a pin on the map so you know where it is relative to your position.

The search functionality is linked to the guide categories. For example, if you need to find a campsite, simply click on the Camps category. Immediately all campsites around you will display on the map and you can click on each of them for more information. Otherwise, if you know the name of a campsite, enter it into the search block and relevant results will be sorted.

The Guide App is available from iTunes.

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