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Destination Danakil book and DVD

Through keeping a record of our seven months overland journey from Cape Town to the hottest place on earth, the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, we hoped to inspire fellow travellers to do similar overland trips. It is not necessarily easy, but we found, as have many other overlanders, that the most difficult part is making the decision to go!

Many people followed our trip during 2015 through the Tracks4Africa blog and requested that we publish the trip in book form. Destination Danakil does not only cover the trip, but also gives insight to a host of essential details to anyone wishing to make this sort of journey. These include visa advice, access to funds along the way, full statistics of the costs of the trip as well as choice of vehicle and kitting it out from scratch. Along with the book we made a two hour DVD which really makes the trip come alive. Continue reading Destination Danakil book and DVD

8 essential add-ons for overlanding

If you plan on doing some overlanding, there are essential things that you should add to your vehicle to ensure that you are self-sufficient and enjoy your travelling.

Water tank

Water tanks make it possible to get rid of the scores of bottles and containers you would otherwise have carried for extended expeditions or areas where the tap water is not reliable. They also make it possible to carry more water for longer distances between replenishment stops. Continue reading 8 essential add-ons for overlanding